Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dance brings so much joy

Today was 7.8.2008. Grandpa, grandmom, dad and mom reached Cosmart Bukit Jambul, Basement Floor. It was a lovely afternoon. Dress up your hair with decorative clips took us an hour. What a difficult job it was.Dad and mom had great appreciation for the dancing performance. Your movements were well coordinated. Perfect pratice makes perfect perfomances. Dad and mom were very pleased with your progress in dance. You had gained knowledge and confidence along with building healthy friendships with the other students.
First a couple of customers stopped, wondering what was going on. Soon, they stopped to watch dancing performances. A few customers stood around and snapped pictures with their camera phones. Grandpa was happy. He was a loving grandfather who delighted to watch you dance. It became part of your strength.
Dance brings so much joy to both dancer and spectator. Each viewer was the best judge of how much they enjoyed a dance performance

Before we went home, mom stopped by a shop and looked for hairpin. Mom chose some hair pins for both of you. The decorative hairpin looked very pretty on. They gave a beautiful touch to your long hair when it is pinned up. Lydia and Priscilla, dad and mom hope that both of you love the hair dressings.

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