Thursday, August 27, 2009

Creating 3 Dimensional paper house craft

Both of you went to Christion Convension Centre on 8.7.2006.The theme of the camp was Gather Us In Thou Love. Jesus loves little children. He remembers all the lambs. He will gather us together.
Make us one bread, one body in His love.
Teacher Pei En create these 3D paper craft in paper based.This 3 dimensional paper house craft required a lot of preparation and materials. Teachers in Sunday school helped to cut out the papers. What a challenging project. We stayed back at the church. Kept busy for paper cutting.
Lydia and Priscilla, these paper crafts models encourage your creativity and patience in making the job done.
Used your imagination and built your own model house. What an excellent projects for children of all ages.

Blue sky full of white fluffy clouds and bright warm sun, the fence in the front of the lush green grass, a beautiful and unique tree, colourful houses which stood proudly and river run through made these became great craft.Arts and crafts give children many opportunities to express their desire to make things. Our children enjoyed creating their own paper house with this delightful craft project. Teacher Pei En, thank you for your great idea. . It was really worth all the hours of cutting paper...ha!

Girls, dad and mom hoped that could step into your creative house of paper and had some fun. When creating a new home, don't forget to include your love and joy.

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