Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our bakery Team

Today is 27.11.2008. Kakak Siti prepared biscuit dough ahead of time. Our children had fun making biscuits. Just gave them some fancy-shaped cutters and let the children cut out the figures.
14 students were chosen out to join our bakery team, included Lydia and Priscilla.All of our children cut a variety of shapes using biscuit cutters. When they came in many different shapes and sizes, Kakak Siti warm out of the oven. Baked for approximately 25 minutes until golden brown. Kakak Siti using oven mitts to remove the biscuits from the oven and allow to cool.
Many of you could't wait to taste. These biscuits were really good. They were one of our family favorite type of biscuits.
Biscuits are favourite snack of children. We made these biscuits for our tea time. Biscuits are apt to be enjoyed during tea time with their crispy.
We always look for a meaningful way to spend time with our lovely children. Just like today. What an awesome experience for baker. We had an incredible group of guys. All became great baker at a time.

Lydia and Priscilla, days with children can be joyful if we plan things well. Some of these activities have happened and many are currently being planned for our children during this long term holiday.School holidays are around the corner. Dad and Mom are planning to engage ourstudents in meaningful activities.

Girls, we hope that you enjoyed a good holiday and ready for a busy term.

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