Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thanking God for your life, especially today

Today was 25.3.2006. Dad and mom spent an afternoon with both of you trying on clothes. Actually I bought the new clothes as a birthday present for Priscilla. We love the feel of the clothes.My dear daughter, Priscilla had reached the age of six. By the grace of God, you grew up in a loving Christian home.
Priscilla, you had a wonderful day with grandpa, grandmom, dad, mom, Lydia, Shi wah, Ru Yin and Ai Wen. We bought a chocolate cake and it was absolutely delicious. Moist chocolate cake with vanilla frosting is our best choice. Priscilla, you blew out the candles and made a wish.
May all your wishes come true and lets joined hands together on your birthday.It was great if you had family and friends beside. Birthday songs sung around.
Children are free to play in the playroom. A children's slide offers plenty activity and opens young minds to imaginative play in a social surrounding. Five of you were a bit too big to play on this slide, but you still played on the slide and had fun. We were rewarded by your laughter. Sounds like a fun time.
Happy Birthday, Priscilla.Dad and mom prayed that your birthday was a really special day. The Lord will bless you with many more happy days. We greatly enjoyed your birthday.

May this new year bring daily reminders of God’s faithful care, His perfect plan, and His constant love for you. Thanking God for your life, especially today. 

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