Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good memories in Medan Penaga

We stayed in Medan Penaga a few years ago and we really enjoyed our stay. We like the location of our apartment. Two years stayed in this apartment, the good memories were still with us.
The apartment reaches level of all needs. Traveling market, hair salon, music school, bakery shop, mini market, hawker centre, school, market, KFC, which are very near to our apartment, where most of our needs get met.
Everybody needs good neighbours. Build up a level of trust which is not so easy in a large city. We were happy could build up a trusting relationship with two neighbours. They were Ru Yi's family and Kai En's family. We cooked and shared our food. We also had the chance to share our homemade recipes. I still remembered the tasty nasi lemak. Girls, a simple act can establish a positive relationship.
Kai En like to play chess with both of you. He was an energetic boy. You had to capture a piece with every move or you lose the game. These games were going to make your brain grew.
Both of you always went shopping or swimming with Ru Yi's family. Ru Yi jie jie helped to teach you to swim. Girls, finding a good friend would be wonderful, one to share the ups and downs of life with. We all need to take time to build good relationships.
We took our picture in the apartment on 31.1.2006 before heading for a visit. We were going to visit friends and relatives this afternoon. Those pictures remind me wonderful and memorable time in Medan Penaga.

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