Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Priscilla

We celebrate Priscilla's birthday on 24.3.2007.We invited some students to the party. Dad and mom were looking to have ready-made meals to help fuel our busy life in an easy.It was even better when the focus was on some of the children's favorite foods. We had no maid at the moment. Both of you helped out with some household chores this morning.
Dad and mom bought a few bottles of bubbles. Bottles of bubbles (blow ones) are great ideas for putting on any child's place setting on birthday party, it stops them from getting bored. Dip in the wand, blow and bubbles float around gently. All of you blew, clapped and played with the bubbles.
Some of you went downstairs and took a seat in the compound. Made suggestions for games. Divided into two equal teams and played some games. My students safety was my primary concern, so mom stood beside.Girls, mom and dad always stand by your side every step of the way.
Priscilla, you like Hello Kitty very much.To you, the cake topper was very sweet. We sang Happy Birthday and you made a wish and blowed the candles out. Everyone was gathering around and wishing you birthday wishes.
May love surround you, girl. Couldn't believe that you are really that "old". My girl turns seven years old, and moves ahead with her life.
A birthday is an occasion for prayer, a holy time. A journey began.
We took lots of pictures. We wanted to remember this special party. Dad and mom really enjoyed the photo show all the great fun and times recorded for the memory box. Happy Birthday, Priscilla.

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