Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Penang International Food Festival at PISA

There were stalls to cater for practically every taste.

From Malay to Thai, laksa to chicken rice at PISA.

Tents had been put up to accommodate the hardworking restaurateurs and cooks.

When we reached PISA on 13.3.2009, our stomachs started making noise.

At that moment, Sausage Eating Contest was held on the stage.

A long bread roll with a hot sausage inside it. Getting the hot dog moist is one way. Some eaters were dipping the hot dog and bun together in water and then slamming them into the mouth as fast as possible.

Some people tried to separate hot dog from bun. This competition was great. 

It had a fun atmosphere.

We were thirsty. We drank a cup of royal honey drink which had no colouring, sugar and additives.

Each cup costs RM3. Very refreshing. The stallholder was happy when we captured a photo. He told us the advantages of drinking royal honey drink.

Free drinks were provided by VICO. As we as we approach the stall, we were told that we could get free drinks. The man started to boil water.

When the water was boiled, he poured the water into the cup and stirred it. We enjoyed a warm cup of chocolate drink.

Hot cereals drinks help start the day or bring back the energy during the working day. To support the man, we bought a packet of vico plus cereal. We also enjoyed a cold drink which made by the man.

We continue to hunt for food. Wow, Potato King fresh fried potato chips on a stick. A special types of street food.

They have about 8 different flavours and we were wondering what it was.
It turned out that it was potato which is sliced. It threaded onto a stick and then deep fried to a crisp. Added powdered flavour of your choice, then shakes it up so it coated the potato chips evenly.

It was crispy. A stick costs RM3.50. A reasonable price.

We also tried Ireland potato with mayonnaise. The hawker drained the potatoes. It sounds tasty.

Most people would not consider Malaysia, with its hot tropical climate, a suitable place to cultivate grapes. We met an indian man. He is trying his hands at planting grapes and it has grown beautifully on his farm.

He experienced in grape farming and owns a grape farm in Sungai Petani. We hope that he can open the farm to the public and promote it as an agro-tourism site. Vistors can allow to pick their own grapes.
We had good time and great food at PISA.

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