Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy making sausage buns day

We used to make bread at home. It is our staple food instead of rice.

The last time we made them, we did not really know how to wrap the dough around the sausages. Not satisfied with how they turned.
We studied how to wrap the buns and decided to try out this new sweet bun dough recipe with our students on 19.3.2009. They were so happy. Fourteen of them wanted to join.

Due to amount of flour used in preparation, only some of them were participated.

We made them during our rest time.

It is fun with a ball of dough and lots of creative ideas.

Kakak Siti prepared the yeast according to instructions.
Mix ingredients and shaped dough into balls in the morning.

We were pleased to say that the end result was exactly what we wanted it to be. Continue to knead the dough until it became sticky and elastic. Mix well, knead and leave to rise.
Kneading is the hard part in making bread. Cover the container with cling wrap and let it proof for about an hour or until it doubles in size.

To make sausage buns, just roll the dough into a long, snakey shape. 

Twist it around the bun.

Dad demonstrated the proper way to make sausage bun. 

Some of you kept smiling and laughing while making the buns. 
Brushed with egg yolk as well.

We successfully made sixty of sausages buns.
We had so much fun eating those little buns.
All of our students couldn't wait to eat those bakery goodies.
Those buns tasted great and they were healthy. Not so much salt and sugar.

We were having fresh hot buns at teatime.
Many of you was impressed with the process of the bread.
Happy Making Bun Day, my children.


  1. Thanks, MeRy.Children learn best from experience. They learn by doing, living, and experiencing things for themselves.

  2. Wow, good, fun and memorable learning experience for them! And best of all they get to eat their 'experience'! :-D

  3. Children learn cooperation while cooking and baking. Alice, life could sometimes be very funny and happy. What a wonderful and memorable experience for children to eat their "experience".

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