Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A wonderful Christmas night at E&O Hotel

We reached E& O Hotel at 7.15p.m with Yokie.There was a very Christmassy atmosphere with a great big tree.
Some lovely live music and a buffet.
Ready. Carolers were going to sing.

Dad and mom filled your Santa hat firmly with wadded newspaper so they stood up as cones. Haha.All carolers dressed in Santa hats which stood in a line. They were pretty funny.
After Christmas caroling, live orchestra was going to start.
Good. All of you performed much better than yesterday night.
Dad and mom thought that many of you gained a lot of experience during the last two performances.
Foreign visitors were having a Christmas Buffet dinner at the buffet area.
The chef were friendly and they had a chat with the guests. They made guests to feel at home. The sweet act made them feel very welcome.
What a perfect venue for celebrating the Christmas with family and friends.
All of you continue to perform on stage and received great support from foreigners.
The guests wished you all the best for the christmas saeson. They were really supportive.
What a beautiful night. We spent a wonderful Christmas together on 25.12.2008.
Happy Christmas night, Lydia and Priscilla.
Keep praticising , girls. Chinese New year is coming ahead. Both of you are going to perform. What a tight schedule for our family. Do your best. Dad and mom really looking forward to that.

Pray that we can get energy and strength to get through these very busy times.

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