Monday, March 22, 2010

Belated Christmas Lunch at Zhonghua Seafood Restoran

To avoid the heaviest traffic on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we had our belated Christmas Lunch at Zhonghua Seafood Restoran on 26.12.2008.
At 12.45p.m, we reached Cititel Hotel with grandpa and grandmom. Cititel Hotel located within upper Penang Road, in the heart of Georgetown.We started feeling great about the seven days holidays!

We were not in any rush, so busy selecting something we could enjoy with another.
Sit and chat as long as we wish. Besides that, we also enjoying our " photo shooting".We enjoyed the great discounts offered for the Dim Sum selection at Zhonghua Seafood Restaurant.
Both of you ordered Chicken Chop Rice. The chicken chop served in this Chicken Chop Rice was more crispy. If you are a chicken lover then go for this.

Mom orded a plate of oyster noodles, so did grandpa. We liked the oyster without pollution, fat, fresh and well-prepared. Dad was having his Pork Chop Rice. Grandmom enjoyed her Seafood Rice.
A cost of RM8 for each plate ordered.The price wasn't too affordable so I will consider this restaurant to be quite pricey. We planed to have a Chinese New Year's feast here.
Going to dim sum on the weekends is a family treat. Dim Sum is of Cantonese origin. At this point of time, Zhonghua Seafood Restoran offered 50% promotion for all the dim sum dishes served. This was definitely a plus point to have dim sum here even though our tummy were full.Menu was offered, we ticked the dishes we loved and they were being served hot and steaming. We picked some favorite little dishes, then we shared them with everyone. Everyone got a bite of everything. We highly recommended wafer rolls with almond flakes and fried radish cake, as the flavor was just nice and the ingredients definitely gave you a better value.
We left pretty happy with a tummy full of Chinese tea and great food.

Happy Lunch, Lydia and Priscilla. 

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