Sunday, March 14, 2010

A great day at Sunway Carnival Mall

After morning tuition session from 10a.m -1p.m, we had lunch with some of our students. Each session consists of a total of 3 hours of tuition per day. When our students went home, we rushed to the music school.Both of you had a stage performance on 22.12.2008, we cancelled our afternoon session from 3p.m to 6p.m.

We arrived at music school nearly 3.20p.m. After that, we went straight to Alma. Both of you had two hours rehearsal at the music school in Alma. During the two hours, dad and mom went to er ema's house. Mom's sister likes to look pretty. She is happy to be all "prettied" up. Mom always received free clothing from her and saves a lot of money on clothing. A homemade gift is the most thoughtful present to receive at this festive season. We presented ema's a tin of homemade biscuits. Hope she likes it. We felt a bit disppointed could not make a visit to ema's house with both of you.
Stage performances started at 7.30p.m. We had our light dinner at Bread History with Amber.The bread was mighty tasty but both of you had to hurry up for the performances.They had to be finished within 20 minutes.Girls,what a pity. We had limited time to enjoy the bread.
Sunway Carnival Mall is located at the town centre of Seberang Jaya, Penang, northern Malaysia. It is a four-storey shopping mall. It is really small if compare to other big city shopping mall.
It is Christmas season. All the shopping malls are filled of Christmas decorations. Shopping malls are always a great place to get inspiration for you xmas decorations. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Dad and mom love all the Christmas decorations here. Really very nice.
Mini orchestra was the first performance. All of you dressed up in black and red.

Priscilla, you had a chance to play violin in an orchestra.Girls, if you completely immersed in the effort to learn, you will look at it as a journey to enjoy. After caroling, the dance performance began. The dance was good though. Both of you had a lots of fun with this Jingle Bell dance. After kept on practicing these few days, five of you could perform well.It convey so much energy and expression to the audience.Lydia and Priscilla, people will be more impressed with your caroling if you seem more professional about it. Christmas caroling is another traditional Christmas activity.
The caroling caught some attention.
Everyone loves a good Christmas song sung from the heart.
We reached home at 11p.m. We were caught in the traffic jam when moving towards the Penang Bridge. After Penang Bridge, we thought we had been released from jam, who knows, jam again. Amber arrived home extremely tired. What a tiring night and day.
Girls, to dad and mom, it was a really great and meaningful day.

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