Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Many wishes to you for your birthday my dear Lydia

Lydia, you celebrated birthday on 30.8.2008 with grandpa, grandmom, dad, mom, friends and classmates. We also invited uncle Jian Xing, aunty Mei Fong, En Xuan and her little brother to the party.
Kakak Siti and mom had quite busy baking for the dessert. Busy with work, mom was looking for something simple to make. We made some custard to make cream puffs.
We also made mini egg tarts in the morning. The baked mini egg tarts were fine and the egg filling was just nice. Heart shape jellies made from moulds spelled out our love to the one we truly love. Kakak Sit prepared fried bi hun served with fresh vegetables. Did some frying nuggets and sausages.
Dad and mom cooked our favorite chicken curry. We also bought ice cream. Children love ice cream, and anything involving this yummy treat can be fun and delicious. What a busy morning, girls.
The party started on 3p.m. Grandmom busy serving our guests. She was so helpful.
After filled up your tummy, some of you played ball in the room. Some played with Barbie Dolls and masak-masak.
Both of you played some musical instrument to some songs in your room. It was fun. A happy day say goodbye to boring textbook study. Giving our children the space they need to settle in, find friends, make some mistakes, and try something new is the best gift we can give.
After sang a birthday song, both of you took photos with your friends and classmates.

Everyone around you made the day really wonderful. Thanks to everyone for making your birthday great.
We also watched Olympic Closing Ceremony 2008 Beijing together through projector.

The party ended at 7pm. A few closest friends refused to go home.

Lydia, remembered all your friends and classmates who had been a part of your special day.Dad and mom wish for you every happy thought today for your birthday.

May God continue to bless you as you have blessed all the world by telling them of Jesus's Love.Many wishes to you for your birthday my dear Lydia.


  1. Hi Jane, thanks for adding me into your blogroll and I would do the same too. Thanks in advance.

    Lydia is very "si man". I like the way she smile.

  2. you also have a lovely daughter. I enjoy to read daily life of a wonderful mom and smart daughter who named Sarah.