Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On the adventure of a lifetime with Nim and her animal friends

Nowadays, with the new ideas of teaching coming into the classroom, more and more teachers have to face such a reality, that is how to make the class more active.We try to improve our students English listening skills through movie.The best movies to practice with are movies with English soundtrack. Played an English movie. The students were so excited that they were eager to know more about the story. At the end of that class, almost all of them could retell the story, even the details.
Dad and mom love the fantasy movie that will charm both children and parents. We prefer to watch the movies in English with both of you. Mom like to share the new things that we learned. In order to understand movies, you need to have a very large vocabulary, together with the pronunciations of words. Girls, learn how to expand your English vocabulary.

We went on the adventure of a lifetime with Nim and her animal friends on 11.12.2008. 18 of you sat in the Tea room. Took aproximately 2 hours to watch a movie.Nim's Island is the tale of a young girl who's left alone on an island and enlists the help of an adventure writer when her father goes missing at sea. The story is a adventure-fantasy film based on the book Nim's Island by Wendy Orr, a Canadian-born Australian writer.

There's a new jungle girl on the scene. Her name is Nim. She has her very own island. She can talk to the animals. Young Nim enjoys life on her hidden Pacific island. She lives there with her marine biologist father Jack. Nim spends her days reading and daydreaming about Alex Rover, the hero of the adventure novels she loves.The movie was filmed in a clever way. A really great adventure story. The acting was good, especially the little girl and Jodi Foster. This movie was very refreshing and it was very family-friendly. It does show the love of a father and child, and also a total stranger sacrifices to do a good deed to try to rescue the child.
The movie had it's funny touchy parts! Well worth watching. All of your enjoyed watching the movie together. Dad and mom really hope we can share some good movies with our students.


  1. I myself watched this movie too and enjoyed it! :-D

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  3. Hi, Alice, both of us are movie lovers. This was a sweet funny movie as well. Have a good day ahead.