Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Dong Zhi Festival

Dong Zhi is the thanksgiving of the Chinese calendar. "Dong Zhi" means "arrival of winter". It is an occasion for the family to get together to celebrate the good year they have had.The festival originally began as a farmer's celebration of the harvest at the end of the year. Tang Yuan is cooked and eaten to symbolise unity and harmony within the family.

To the Chinese, glutinous rice ball (tangyuan) is eaten all year round, although it is commonly associated with the Chinese New Year and the Lantern Festival. Glutinous rice ball is made by mixing glutinous rice flour with a small amount of water and form into balls.

Add colouring to the flour so that you can make multi-coloured ones.
Then cooked in boiling water and served in syrup water. 
Most markets sell the dough on the eve of Dong Zhi but it gets sold out quickly because almost every family needs them. We bought glutinous rice dough needed to make the tang yuan in the afternoon.
It is a simple dough made from glutinous rice flour and water that has to be kneaded for a long time to achieve the chewy texture. 
Dong Zhi is a time for family reunion and giving thanks. To celebrate Dong Zhi, grandpa, grandmom, dad ,mom and both of you gathered together on 20.12.2008. We were having dinner together.
After that, we kneaded and rolled out the little glutinous rice balls.
We had a great deal of fun with the rice flour mix with different colours.

When tang yuan all rolled out, they are then dropped into a pot of boiling water.

Once the tang yuan float, they are cooked.
Serve warm.

Girls, mom never get tired of the sticky chewy glutinous rice balls served in a thick, sweet syrup made from rock sugar.
Grandpa like fried chicken serve with prawn crackers.
Dad and mom were happy both of you could help to prepare dinner. Heat the oil and fried the prawn crakers. When a child turns eight or so, they can learn to cook small snacks.
Mom believes children can learn at a young age to assist their parents. Remembered this special day.
We grow one year older. A day to count our blessings.

We spent two hours making these sweet dumplings. Dad and mom attempted to raise our students’ cultural awareness and inspire them to introduce this special festival-Dong Zhi.
Happy Dong Zhi Festival, my girls.

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