Friday, March 19, 2010

Enjoyable dinner at Town Steamboat Restaurant

We went for a buffet steamboat dinner at Town Steamboat Restaurant on 27.2.2010. It is located at Macalister road, opposite to UMNO building.

Among the many steamboat restaurants in Penang, Town Steamboat Restaurant is another favorite of us. It has becoming more and more trendy with steamboat restaurants which promoting "eat-all-you-can" style.
The price is reasonable.17.90 for weekdays and 19.90 for weekends, per person. For senior citizen who is above 55 years old, the price will be 12.90 for weekdays and 13.90 for weekend. If you are shorter, you even can get a lower price. Below 100 cm height free. 100 cm to 120 cm height RM4.90. 120 cm to 140 cm height RM7.90. Over 140cm height RM18.90.

When we reached, the restaurant was peaked with customers. Fortunately, we found a table there.
The steamboat attached with each table is divided into two parts, one with the normal soup and another with Tom Yam soup.

Around the bowl, you can fried your food on top. Lydia and Priscilla enjoyed roasted their ham,chicken, sweet corn and fish. Don’t forget to put some butter before you fried. Raw food can be grilled on the aluminium foil.
They also provide a great variety of cooked food for example dim sum , satay, egg tart, fried nugget, local kuih and roast chicken. Dim sum is the unique thing to be served for a steamboat buffet. Dad and mom were hungry and busy craving for our favourite food.

Town Steamboat Restaurant offers a huge variety of selections. Various type of edible balls. Look at the wide selection. Definitely worth the money.Grandpa had a good appetite. He ate a lot. Sounds like he was satisfied with the buffet steamboat. Yup, a good place to go with friends and family to enjoy a slow no-rush meal.

We started putting all the various foodstuff into the pot and waited impatiently to eat.
After your meal, help yourself to ice-cream for dessert. We enjoyed ice cream so much.Drinks ranging from Chinese tea, juices and water are all self service. We prefered juice because we felt warm. It was very cooling and refreshing for a hot day.

Lydia and Priscilla were required to feed fish by a kind staff here. They really enjoyed feeding activity with fish and turtle. When the turtle was hungry, it just pushed the fish out the way. It was pretty funny.

It was time to say goodbye to Town Steamboat. We had a very enjoyable time at this restaurant.

An indoor water fountain is a living work of art. Dad and mom really liked the indoor water fountains made of natural cut stone. Many thanks, Town Restaurant. We had a very pleasant evening.


  1. So yummy....I love dimsum buffet too.

  2. Yup, all of us love steamboat very much. We took almost 2 hours to finish the dinner. I have already link to your blog.Have a good day.