Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun of making Tang Yuan

Dong Zhi began as a farmers' celebration of the year-end harvest. Most students didn't understand the exact meaning of Dong Zhi. In Northern China, people typically eat dumplings on Dong Zhi.
This dessert is usually serve in Chinese winter festival. It is also being served during other Chinese festival to indicate togetherness or reunion.
Dad and mom decided to let our students to knead dang yuan in the afternoon on 23.12.2008.
Kakak Siti put 1500g glutinous rice flour, 3 table spoon rice flour in a big mixing bowl, slowly added cold plain water and kneaded into dough. Put the dough on a cleaned table top, and kneaded till smooth. She divided the dough into three lumps.
After morning session tuition, we let some of our students to make dang yuan together.They were so happy.

Lydia, Wei Shu and Shi Wah rolled it into a long strip and pinch off bit by bit.

For each of these bit, our students put into the middle of both palm and roll in circular motion to make small ball.
We made three different colours of dang yuan. The green colour was the natural colouring from the pandan juice.After about one hour, we had done all the tang yuan.
Mom boiled and prepared a pot of plain water.Some girls put in the rice balls and let it continue to boil.
They were cooked when they floated in the water.

When cooked, balls will rise to the surface. Some of you drained balls and put in a big bowl.

All my girls were busy in the kitchen.

Kakak Siti brought water to boil in a pot with the pandan leaves. Added sugar and cooked until sugar dissolves. Kept stirring so that the sugar didn't burn. The sugar should completely melt. Discard pandan leaves.
Served the rice balls in the syrup. They were good either hot or cold.
Some of you were having dang yuan at 2.30p.m. Afternoon tuition session started at 3p.m. It was time to go home.
We were excited to share the dang yuan with afternoon session students.

Girls, you'll find fun and easy ideas to keep children busy in the kitchen.Dad and mom were happy because our students worked together as a team to prepare tea time.

After we ate Tang Yuan then we’ll be growing 1 year old. God makes you grow to become righteous.


  1. You are right.Tangyuan symbolizes "sweet reunion", Our children enjoyed eating those sticky glutinuous balls in a sweet dessert-soup. A fun activity for them.