Thursday, March 11, 2010

To enjoy a movie and what we need to value in life.

Our students watched a movie on 18.12.2008 and really enjoyed it. There are some very funny moments and the film has a great message about family. 
Firehouse Dog is the story of a fireman father and his son, Connor and Shane Fahey who have a relationship on the rocks until Dewey the Dog comes along and saves everything. Relationships grow in this movie and sometimes kids and dogs can be the heroes. 
The movie tells the story of a young boy named Shane Fahey who lives with his sweet, but tough-to-deal with father. One day, Shane meets this dog named Dewey, whom he calls Rex. Dewey is a dog actor in many dog movies. He escapes and meets Shane and together, they become friends. 
Lots of laughs and and a happy ending. It's for all ages. Parts of the film were so funny that 21 of you couldn't help but burst-out laughing so hard. Our neighbors must have wondering what was going on in our house.
There are sad scenes in the film.
Priscilla, when the tears came, you won't be able to hold them back.There are a few touching father-and-son moments along the way. The movie itself is a good morality play. It teaches youngsters about the importance of honesty and how adults and kids can learn from each other.
Children, we could see an unusual dog become a great pet and firehouse mascot. It does perform some stunts that only a highly trained stunt dog could perform.
This is a good family dog movie. A story about a lost dog becoming a treasured pet and friend. Dad and mom recommend it to anyone that enjoys dog movies or family movies.

Lydia and Priscilla, we all love a good film.Movies have taught me some valuable lessons to us. Movies can uplift, entertain, and above all, inspire.

Learn the proper way to enjoy a movie and what we need to value in life.
Happy Day Learning , my children.