Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Memorable Christmas Gathering

Every year it takes mom a few weeks to realize that the year has changed. It is hard for us to keep up with the passing of time. It is really true that time flies.

We had Christmas gathering on 24.12.2008 from 10a.m- 1.30p.m.
The Christmas celebration took place in our Jireh's Children Home.
Only 65 children attent. We didn't invite our standard six students because they felt too shy to attend. Dad and mom planed to keep in touch with them. Our standard six students were independent, well behavior and responsible. Most of them did well in UPSR. Dad and mom were so proud of them.
Many of our students went on vacation. What a miss!
Mr.clown came.
He was performing magic tricks.
Grandpa and grandmom came to celebrate with us. Munchy jiejie came to give a helping hand after marking the attendance at 10.30p.m.

The clown has a funny name. His name is Stripy.
He amused the children.
Our lovely students laughed non-stop.
Stripy played a few silly magic tricks with some of you.
To bring the Gospel, mission to the children cooperates with mission activities.
He comes from a great group of well skilled entertainers that work together for just such an event.
Stripy also sharing gospel to our children.

He used a rope. What creative ideas to share the gospel. Rope is easy to carry and easy to see.
Bringing the message of hope to a child can be one of the most memorable things you will do this Christmas season.
The basis of that hope is found in what God did through Jesus, almost 2000 years ago. Sin separates us from God.
At the cross God was imputing our sin unto His Son, Jesus Christ, in order that His Son might wipe away that sin in His suffering and restore us to the fellowship of God. That is the truth of the cross. The infinite distance has been bridged.Girls, the rope's ends were joined together.

Many thanks to Mr.clown for a wonderful sharing.
We sharing the wonderful Pot Luck lunch at 12p.m. Potlucks allow us to share favourite recipes with many friends without putting too much stress on the host. Everyone who wants to participate brings something.A wide variety of dishes and desserts which prepared by our parents. Lots of main dishes. Our parents had a bunch of recipes meant to be cooked. Munchy helped to pour cold soya beans into paper cups. All the children lined up to get their food. There was a lot of food left.

Grandmom helped us to pack food in plastic bag to be presented to our parents.Our children had a great time. Sometimes we should allow our children to be childlike.
They were so happy and spreading the cheer around. Each of our students received a special gift from us.
They also exchanging Christmas presents by taking out a number from a Christmas sock.
Munchy, Lydia and Priscilla, having a sense of the living presence of Christ all around you. We were thrilled to share with you this beautiful Christmas Message from Jesus. Deepest Love and heart-felt blessings to all in this beautiful holiday season.

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