Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun of making pineapple pie

Lydia and Priscilla were very interested in the art of baking.
Mom decided to teach them how to make pineapple tarts on 16.3.2010. A must-try for all pineapple-tart lovers. Bakery has been a huge learning journey for them. Such a joy to be with.
First, Lydia sifted the flour and salt together in a large bowl.
Priscilla measured butter on a weighing scale.

Kenneth and Pin Rong who stayed back after tuition class joined our team. Four of them rubbed the butter with the flour until crumbly."Rubbing in" is a process by which you dump all the butter into the flour and use your hands to break up the butter chunks. Did you see that? They burst out laughing.

Haha. The dough was sticking onto their hands after mixing.Mom tried to replace milk powder with fresh milk. Dissolved sugar and fresh milk in the water. Girls, pay attention to tasks. You will have some progress on your patience.

Kenneth did a great job. He helped to dissolve sugar in the fresh milk.Our dear Pin Rong added water to the butter crumbs and mixed well. Children, please do not overmix the dough. Allowed the dough to rest for 20 minutes. Divided the dough into equal pieces.
Priscilla rolled out the dough to cover a pie pan.
Lydia was patting the dough into the pie pan.
Kenneth and Pin Rong carefully transfered dough to pan and ease into bottom and sides. They were really smart.
Well done, children. All of you successfully make a number of pie crusts.
Poured in the pineapple filling and spreaded it out evenly.
Look! Priscilla arranged the dough strips across the pie to form a lattice.
Lydia trimed off any over hanging dough strips.
Great. Our children did an incredible job. The pineapple tarts looked pretty good.

Baked the pie in an oven preheated for 45 minutes.Nice smell came from the kitchen. Wow, baked pineapple tarts on tray. Set aside and let cool.
The next morning, we shared these bite-sized tarts with some of our students. They enjoyed it and they said," Teacher, please, we want some more!". I was sorry, children. There was no more tart left.

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