Monday, April 26, 2010

Reunion Dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year

We had our reunion dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year at Zhonghua Seafood Restaurant. It situated on the ground floor of Cititel Hotel, Penang.The dinner started at 8.30p.m. It was a bit late. 6p.m dinner was fully booked few weeks ago. Eleven family members joined the reunion dinner. Gu gu's family arrived in Penang on 24.1.2009.

The yee sang (raw fish and vegetable salad) starts off the feast with vegetable shreds mixed with raw fish strips.
Grandmom favourite dishes were Prosperity Salmon Yee Sang and Braised Pig Tongue with Sea Moss.
Both of you enjoyed Shark's Fin's Soup with Crabmeat very much. We were slightly dissapointed with the Show Fish in Two preparation. It had a strong "fishy" smell.
Half way through the dinner, "god of wealth" came. Chinese god of wealth is traditional Chinese New Year character, gives out lucky red envelopes containing either money or gold chocolate coins.He came forward greeting all the guests.
Each guest received a red packet which contained a chocolate gold coin.
Dad and mom were glad that we could enjoy reunion dinner with gu gu's family and grandparents.

Every family member grabed a pair of chopsticks and helped to mix the salad, tossing it as high as possible while declaring our wishes. We like this Chinese-style raw fish salad.
" Yee" means fish and "sang" means raw. It is also believed that the higher you get to toss the “Yee Sang” you will be more lucky and achieving greater heights and successes.Girls, for us, we really don't believe in luck. Our wholeheartedly trust Him for His plans in our life so we don't need any luck to feel that we have a good fortune. With the grace of God , we are on our way to true happiness.

Happy Chinese New Year but not good luck and fortune Chinese New Year, my girls.

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