Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jom , let us pi Pesta Pulau Pnang

Pesta Pulau Pinang will be held a month long in the month of December every year.It will be open to the public daily from 6p.m till 11.30p.m.
Both of you wanted to visit the Pesta Pulau Pinang trade fair site very much.
Finaly we went for a visit on 30.12.2008 with Shi Wah.
Can you see that? Three girls enjoying their ice-cream?

The roads were jammed with traffic streaming to the pesta site. It took about 1 hour drive from our house to “Pesta” site.
We reached there around 10p.m. Haiz, lack of parking space.
Entrance charges are lower now at RM3 for an adult and RM1 for a child.
This year, the pesta theme is “Jom Pi Penang”.
It means let’s go to Penang.
This year’s Pesta Pulau Pinang promises to be different from previous years.

More interesting activities planned for it.Dad and mom are looking forward they could inject some freshness into it.
Visitors will have chance to meet famous local celebrities.
We spent sometime visiting the other pavilions and stalls.

Some are selling produce from Indonesia. There were stalls selling clothes, handbags, handphones, household things etc, making it look more like a supermarket than a fair.We also head on to the Euro Fun Park for games and activities catered to people of all ages. The crowds were here.

Three of you at heart couldn’t resist trying out the various rides. Really loved the rides. All had great fun.

Dad tried to catch the movement of the roundabout. What a great shot. The world was in motion. We reached home at 12.30p.m. Three of you love Cotton Candy. Cotton Candy is originally called fairy floss. It is made from floss sugar. Freshly made by machine.
The process first involves the sugar melting into a liquid form that is spun inside of the cotton candy machine. When it finally cools, the sugar changes back from a liquid state to a solid state where it can be collected and served on a stick.

We bought a packet of Cotton Candy to share together.
What a family fun night on 30.12.2008, my girls.

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