Thursday, April 15, 2010

To say good bye to Ai Wen

It was just a small gathering on the 2.1.2009. We invited Ai Wen to join our gathering. She is a hardworking girl who entered mom's life 6 years ago.

Ai Wen is going to secondary school this year. Mom has just noticed that she is taller than me. Really tall for her age. Marked excellence in her study as she scored 7A’s in her UPSR.
During the car ride to Tesco, we shared the gospel with Ai Wen. It was good to be able to share good news with her. Ai Wen and her mom went to church before. They know and experience God's love and plan for their life.

Dad and mom really hope that they can turn back to God one day. After bought some groceries from Tesco, we had dinner at KFC.At KFC, both of you thinking of something funny to amuse Ai Wen. Made a silly face. Told some jokes .

Ai Wen got a huge smile on her face. Everyone enjoys a good laugh, girls.

Once we got our tummy filled up, we went home at 11.30 p.m. It was the hardest day of our life to say good bye to Ai Wen. We are greatly looking forward to another special gathering. We hope that Ai Wen is going to have a happy secondary school journey.Lydia and Priscilla, saying goodbye was never easy, but goodbye does not mean that you are losing your friend. She will still be there for you. Remember - “We part, only to meet again!” So, make sure that you say goodbye to your old friends in the best way, so that the joy of meeting again gets doubled. 

Let's us pray for her salvation. Ai Wen will make a decision to receive Jesus into her heart one day.

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