Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy preparing dinner

Simple and healthy dinner ideas are easy to prepare and quick to make. Dad and mom decided to prepare a simple dinner with your helping hands on 17.3.2010. Both of you excited to participate in this great job. Cooking can be easy and fun, girls.First, Lydia peeled and cut white radish into pieces. As Lydia is old enough to use a knife, mom decides to teach her to cut gently.
We need to prepare ingredients such as boneless skinless chicken breast and some dried cuttlefish. Cuttle fish can add some sweetness and flavor to the soup.
In warm water blanch the cuttlefish and chicken breast for a few seconds. Remove and wash in cold water. This was the first time Lydia drained the chicken.Our family prefer soup which relatively light and not too oily.
It was Priscilla's turn. She gently peel back outer leaves of the cabbage.
Rinse the cabbage well and pat it dry. Priscilla used a stainless steel knife to cut up cabbage. Watch out, girl. Children need to be taught how to use sharp tools without injuring themselves.
Perhaps Priscilla was a fantastic chef. She cut the carrots into circles. She done a wonderful job.
Soak dried prawns until soft. Lydia chopped dried prawns to tiny pieces.
Rinse off prawns under water and pat dry. Then Lydia cut through the underside of the head and shell of each prawn with kitchen scissors.
Learn how to cook cereal prawns is definitely a plus point to save your money as having cereal prawns at the restaurants. It is one of our favorite menu. A favorite for all ages. As we need to make a simple dinner, so we used a packet of Crispy Cereal Instant Mix. It is convenient and easy to use.

What you need to do is to deep fried the prawns till it turn orangey colour and set aside. Then add 5 tbsp margerin into the wok and fried the curry leaves and chilli padi till fragrant. Add in the whole packet of crispy cereal mix, the prawns and mixed well.Mom started to melt the butter in a wok and poured in a whole packet of cereal and stir. Added in the prawns and continue stirring for 20 seconds. Turned to small fire so as not to overcook them. Done. Did you smell something nice to wake up your taste buds?
Heat oil in a wok. Added in garlic and dried prawn, fried for 15 second.Added in carrots and cabbage and stir fry for another 3 minutes. Cabbage is a great accompaniment to any meal. What a simple vegetable dish you can eat with rice.
Chinese soup is the instant magic to make your eating experience at home more pleasurable.A good tasting healthy soup awaits. Give this soup a try.
Brown rice certainly appears to be more healthy. Our family like to mix white and brown rice together for a great combination of flavor.
Our favorite simple dinner is ready. It may seem like a little too much work for a simple meal. A simple way to enjoy a stress-free dinner with family or friends.
Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for this food. Bless it to our strength and to thy glory.
Dinner time is precious time. A home is a fantastic place to have a healthy and wholesome meal for the whole family. A time to sit and hear about each other’s day. 


  1. The prawn sure taste yummy. I love prawns so much. I must try it some day.

    It is always good to involve kids in kitchen work. They sooner can be a good helper to mommy.

    Good job Priscilla and Lydia.

  2. Thanks. You are right,Sarah's mommy, cooking with children can be fun. If cooking is new to your child, stick with simple and work your way up to more difficult ones. It can expand their experiences. With the proper supervision, children can safely accomplish simple cooking tasks. They are a good helper indeed.