Friday, April 2, 2010

A visit to Commonwealth War Graves Commission at Taiping

We went to visit Commonwealth War Graves Commission at Taiping on 20.3.2010. It located along the way to the foothill of Maxwell Hill.
Could you see that? Its surroundings are very well tended. It was constructed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
Taiping War Cemetery was created after the Second World War for the reception of graves brought from the battlefields.
We never seen this place before. Sister Mei Leng recommended it to us. What a nice surprise. We really hope can find out the history behind this cemetery.
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is responsible for maintaining the graves of members of Commonwealth forces who were killed in service in the two World Wars. All enquiries should be addressed to:Enquiries Section : Commonwealth War Graves Commission, 2 Marlow Road, Maidenhead,Berks, SL6 7DX.

Dad stood smartly in front of the gate.
A tiny little door for visitors to register but there is not possible to keep the cemetery register in this box at all times.
Girls, greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. The highest human exhibition of love that earth has ever seen was this. Christ was about to exhibit this highest type of human love by dying for his friends. He did even more, as Paul shows us in Ro 5:6, he died for his enemies, something that man had never done.

Every tombstone tells a story.
What a lovely peaceful area of Taiping and well worth a visit.

Lydia and Priscilla, Taiping War Cemetery is a major Allied war cemetery in Malaysia. It contains the graves of 826 Allied soldiers of the Commonwealth fighting the Japanese in the "Campaign in Malaya" of December 1941 - February 1942. We were grateful we had the opportunity to learn this valuable history.It was an appropriately historical place. Sister Mei Leng, thanks for your kindness to accompany us to Commonwealth War Graves Commission. We really interested in visiting historical places. 

May they rest in peace, and rise in glory. All suffering and sorrow will be no more. They'll vanish like shadows at heaven's door.

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