Saturday, May 1, 2010

Celebrate Priscilla's birthday with grandparents

It is good to be thankful for every day of our life. Every day is a gift from God. Our dear Priscilla will be 10 years old in just a few days. We have no idea where 10 years just went. Times flies.We celebrated Priscilla's birthday at Marrybrown, a new outlet in Times Square Penang on 18.3.2010. Marybrown becomes one of the biggest fast food chains in Malaysia recently. Marrybrown is contemporary with bold red, white and black interiors. A smart doorman guides us in.
It was a simple but warm celebration for Priscilla. We invited grandparents to join the celebration.
By the grace of God, Priscilla is turning ten years old soon.

Both of the girls enjoyed playing in the water fountain. Let's have some fun.
We ordered five chicken burger combo set (drink + french fries) and it costs RM7++ perset. A fair and reasonable price. The burger bun was very soft and full of sesame seeds.
It was the first time for our grandparents having chicken burger combo set here.
Both of you always share life's precious moments together.
As Priscilla held a plastic knife to cut the cake, we felt touching. Now she is one year older.
Children love water play. What a fun water fountain for children to run around in.
Mom stood in front of the mini fun fair. The fair was not too crowded.
Both of you went on a bumper car ride. This was the first time both of you rode the bumper car. It seemed like both of you enjoyed the ride.
Dad and mom glad that we had opportunity to celebrate this special day together. Dear Priscilla, we wish you many happy return of the day. May the Lord grant you happiness always
 and hold you in the palm of His hand.

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