Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Ko Kah Ho Chiak”Charity Food & Fun Fair 2010

We went to Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital "Ko Kah Ho Chiak”Charity Food & Fun Fair 2010 on 18.4.2010."Ko Kah Ho Chiak" means even more delicious. The hospital hopes to raise a total of RM350,000 for its needy cancer patient fund.
The event held from 10am to 3pm at the hospital on Jalan Bulan, Tanjung Bungah. We reached there around 10a.m with Munchy jie jie.
Both of you join Jet Dance Group and happy being part of this group. Dancers, let us prepare for photo shooting.
It seemed that you love this song and dance very much.
Nobody But You was popularized by an all-girl Korean group.
All the dancers seem to be enjoying it so much.
What an energetic style costume with a cap.
Do you like my dancing costume?

Back to the days when we were so young and wild and free. Everything was like a dream. I want to go back to those times.Why do you keep on pushing me away? Why do you push me away.
I dont want nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody but you.
A total of RM 50,000 raise for Needy Cancer at 'Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital.
Now it's the turn of second dance. A Hokkein dance-Happy Holiday.
Dancers with walking stick really funny.It is a good idea to dance with a walking stick.
Do you like our ending dancing pose?
As we wandered around the foor fair stalls, we found something unique. This quick dish is flavorful and sure to be loved by everyone.
Pour about half of mixture onto your cooking surface. It should be about an inch thick. Top with other toppings. Add another thin layer of batter. Sounds like they are great cook.
Done. A pan-fried batter with various ingredients. It was an outstanding experience and learning for all the chef.

Look at those fresh vegetables. Do you wish have a slice in your mouth right now?
As our stomach was gradually filled with food, we headed to our second occasion at 12.00p.m. Mom must say that all the supporter and sponsors for their contributions and labour of love that enabled the food fair a great success.
All made the difference.


  1. It was a very meaningful charity event. Selling food is the great way to raise fund.

  2. I agree, Agnes. Donating food gives children a good way to practice charity. Really hope our family can donate food and energy for the needy.