Sunday, May 2, 2010

Explore Kulim Fish Pond Restaurant

We made up our mind to explore Kulim Fish Pond Restaurant in the jungle on 31.1.2009 at 2.30p.m. It was located at Sg. Kob near Kulim Hightech Industrial Zone.
We headed towards the Kulim High-Tech Park.
It was about 1km lorong without tar. When we saw small road with shady oil palms, we were right at the destination.

What an old-kampung-feel when went further inside.

When we reached the restaurant, we could see fews cars parked below the oil palm trees. It was a freshwater fish farm first before it became a restaurant.
The restaurant had been promoted on TV by Jason "Axian”
One of the food program called “Taste With Jason” on Astro AEC.
The restaurant is closed on Mondays, with business hours from 11.30 am till 6pm. Oh, no, numerous house flies flying around the tables.
Our friend, Michael highly recommended this restaurant to us. Getting there was an adventure for us. Anyway, it was well worth the effort.
We walked along the narrow path to the wooden huts.
There are a lot of dogs inside that area guarding the fish ponds at night. The dogs looked so lazy and laid on ground. The owner said they will turn very fierce at night. Really well trained.
Not much food choices. Few types of fish with various type of cooking method.
They only have one type of vegetable.
The fish is sold by weight and is steamed, fried, curried or grilled according to customer preferences.We ordered two fish and one plate of vegetable. The Patin fish was steamed with soya sauce. Three flavors Tilapia was fried with homemade source.The taste was excellent and we were indeed surprised that the fishes had no muddy flavour. The bill summed at RM 63.80. Overall, it was tasty and worth the price. Patin steamed with garlic is highly recommended by us.

They serve fishes which has been bred in their ponds just behind their restaurant.
The chef managed to choose the freshest fish and skillfully cooked in such a way.
After having meal, we roamed around the village. We also went for a walk among the ponds. From there, we could see a few huge ponds full with fishes.
The fishes grow well in oxygenated water. According to the owner, fish bred in the ponds with fresh running water from the nearby river.
We went home at 5.45p.m. We didn’t know got such hidden treasure at Kulim. The owner gave us a VCD. The whole show was in Mandarin. Girls, it's the time say goodbye to Kulim Fish Pond Restaurant. 

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