Sunday, May 9, 2010

Youth Fellowship on 7.2.2009

Mom had a sharing in Youth Fellowship on 7.2.2009. Youth Fellowship takes place every Saturday night from 7.30pm. They have programs and activities specifically designed for their growth.Lydia, you can't wait to grow up. You hope to be part of the Youth Fellowship.Youth gathered at our house at 7.30p.m. Nineteen of them attended. Mom share what we can do to improve things and came up with the idea of producing a good Youth magazine.
It is a youth-for-youth publication. To give our youths a platform to voice out their opinions. We have got a good editorial team working on the magazine. Chai Jie is a good editor. He put a lot of hard work of producing a magazine.
All articles on next upcoming magazines are centred around teenage stress. Most teens experience more stress when they grow up.

Today's youth face more pressures than any other generation. Most grow up feeling neglected, unheard, and misunderstood. Basically it’s a magazine to engage youth.Youth is the symbol of the light, sun, energy and joy. They are the present and future of our church and community. Our youths were so energetic.

They get a really close bond with each other.

Dad and mom think that teacher Fu Juan put a lot of effort to make a team bond together in Christ.Edlyn Yeoh was a song leader. She also a nice sister who smiles like a flower.

Both of you like all their pretty songs and enjoyed to sing along with them. Love is all we need to make every little thing complete.
Let your power of love and imagination fly, my youth.We prepared cheeseburgers in proportion to the vegetables.
Rose-flavored syrup drink with biji selasih.

Red heart-shaped jelly to the youth.

Both of you pleased to serve our special guests in this very lovely evening. The brothers and sisters are happy in being a part of a Youth fellowship here.Mom was glad that had the opportunity to share with youth. Dad and mom hope that God will continue to guide them in the days ahead.

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