Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dinner at Tomyam Udang Restaurant and Ghee Seng Tomyam Seafood Restaurant

Tomyam has always been our favourite list of food. So we planned to have dinner at Tomyam Udang restaurant on 4.8.2012.
Restorant Tomyam Udang is located at Jalan Gelugur, Jelutong, Penang.
This restaurant offers Malay cuisine. The majority of diners are still Malay. We were the only "native" chinese at the restaurant.
Stir-fried Chicken with Cashewnuts & Dried Chili. Ayam Goreng Gajus in Malay. Medium plate. It costs RM9.00.
Stir-Fried Kailan with Salted Fish. Kailan Ikan Masin in Malay. Small plate. It costs RM5.00.
It looks appetizing. 
Fried fish with three-flavored sauce. Ikan Siakap Tiga Rasa. It costs RM25.00. Deep fried to perfection.
Tomyam Udang in medium plate. It costs RM11.00. 
Stir-fried eggs with onion. Telur Goreng Bawang. One of our favourite home cooked meal. Medium plate. It costs RM3.80.
Sotong Goreng Tepung. Fried Squid with Flour. Small plate. The squid is deep fried and crispy with flour batter. It costs RM6.
The mainstay of every Malaysian meal is rice. As we had ordered variety of dishes to share, we needed to order more rice. 
Malay traditional dishes are excellent for working up the appetite. We plan to try more Malay cuisine on our next food journey.


Would you like to try out some Thai Food without having to go all the way to Thailand, you should visit Ghee Seng Tomyam Seafood Restaurant which is located along the famous seafront, Weld Quay. The clear tomyam here is quite remarkable.
This restaurant is situated at the ground level of Taman Harbour View. Their operating hours: 11.00am – 3.00pm, 6.00pm – 1.00am. Closed on Wednesday.
It is situated along a row of shophouses (WISMA KGN). This restaurant is owned by a Siamese. It is one of our favourite places for tom yam. Tomyam is a must have dish. It is quite a unique restaurant as you can find biscuits and titbits here.
A big bowl of clear soup seafood tomyam, Dad and mom like the clear tomyam with plenty of spices and garlic. The tomyam filled with prawns, squid and the fish. This hot and sour soup has a lot of chopped garlic, chillies, lime juice, lemon grass and daun limau perut.
The tomyam here is thick, extremely flavorful and spicy. Definitely one of the best tomyam soups we have tried before. The price of the medium tomyam here is RM16.00.
We always have our tomyam dinner here. We waited for our orders of tomyam soup and Thai dish patiently. Of course, Thai meal is not completed without an order of tomyam.
Crispy Deep Fried Belacan Chicken. It is really nice and good with rice.
Deep Fried Kang Kong.
Salad Yu Char Koay.
Pan Fried Toufu. A nice and healthy meal. A part of every Chinese meal we partake of.
Both of you never forget this favourite dish. Simple and aromatic fried eggs with onion.
Salad Prawn.
Their Kerabu (Thai salad mango) is quite tasty.
Plain Stir Fried Dou Miao.
If you happens to be here and want to taste good Thai and local food especially the Tomyam, do visit this restaurant.

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