Friday, October 12, 2012

Dinner at Kong Bee Lee Noodle Station 广美利有机板面专卖店

There are only a couple of places in Penang where you can find tasty handmade Pan Mee. We went for our dinner at Kong Bee Lee Noodle Station 广美利有机板面专卖店 twice. It was on 1.9.2012 and 8.9.2012.
Kong Bee Lee Noodle Station is a newly opened restaurant. It situated at Jalan Van Praagh, Taman Kheng Tian. 
It is practically crowded during lunch and dinner.
The specialty of this Pan Mee by Kong Bee Lee is that they are skillfully prepared with special ingredients.
Pan Mee 板面 is a Hokkein-style noodle, originating from Malaysia. Its Chinese name literally translates to "flat flour noodle". It is part of Malaysian Chinese cuisine. 
Dad and mom love this artistic drawing.

It offers a wide variety of Pan Mee at very economical prices.
Many people prefer their pan mee thick and torn into pieces. But mom prefer the thin noodles and definitely the dried version.
One of the highlights of the restaurant is Fried Pork Pan Mee 爆层板面.
Fried Pork Pan Mee 爆香板面. It costs RM 6.90. It served with crispy fried pork and vegetables. 
For those who love to have their noodles a bit spicier, you can opt for the Black Pepper Pan Mee 香椒板面. It costs RM6.50. Served with black pepper sauce, minced meat and the crunchy salty ikan bilis. The noodles are silky smooth with a nice springy taste to it. This is dad and mom's all time favorite. On top of the selected choice of noodles.
Loh Pan Mee卤卤板面. It costs RM6.90. It served with meat ball and vegetables. This pan mee goes very well with the chilly paddy and lime juice.
Dumpling Pan Mee 饺饺板面. It costs RM6.50. Served with dumplings, ikan bilis and vegetables.
Soup Pan Mee 回味板面. It costs RM4.90. Served with meat balls, vegetables and ikan bilis. 
Dry Pan Mee 甘香板面. It costs RM4.90. Served with pork, vegetables and ikan bilis. The cheapest noodle in the menu.
Curry Chicken Pan Mee 加厉板面. It costs RM7.50. Served with curry chicken and potato.
Fried Dumplings 炸香水饺. It costs RM4.50 for three. Many thanks the restaurant owner for the free tasty dumplings and the excellent service.
Grils, you nearly cleaned your plates. Both of you always enjoy every bite of food on our food journey.

Our grandparents came along on 8.9.2012 to try the pan mee. Dad and mom guess that grandparents loved the pan mee.

It also offers quite a few side dishes to enjoy with the pan mee.
The sauce used to mix the noodles was pretty good either, complemented the Pan Mee well.

They also offer a huge variety of drink beside noodles. Most of the drinks here are affordable. It is definitely a plus point for patrons.  
Bandung Special 黑糖百香汁. It costs RM3.50.
Banana Milk 香蕉牛奶. It costs RM3.90.
Coffee and Tea Ice Blended. It costs RM7.90.
Hot White Coffee 热白咖啡. It costs RM3.00. Grandpa all time favorite drink. 
Carrot Milk 胡萝卜牛奶. It costs RM3.90.
Aloe Vera Grape Juice. It costs RM2.90.
Overall, the pan mee here certainly do not disappoint. They are satisfyingly chewy. It was a lovely meal and everyone was thoroughly enjoyed it too.
Purple is definitely one of mom's favourite colour schemes. Mom loves this beautiful interior decoration with purple.
广美利 Old Restaurant Sign. "Food wisdoms" historically passed down from one generation to the next.
Girls, water fountains are created to bring a touch of nature to our indoor environment. These decorative water fountains bring the gentle sound of falling water into our home. It encourages a relaxed mood anywhere its placed. Dad and mom really love water fountain which creates a peaceful ambience to home.
If you are thinking want to have Pan Mee to satisfy your hunger, you should visit Kong Bee Lee Noodle Station 广美利有机板面专卖店.

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