Sunday, January 8, 2012

An enjoyable dinner at Tepi Sungai Restaurant Kuala Sepetang.

We took a photo before heading towards our next destination on 29.12.2011. All along the journey, we could hear the loud laughter from the girls above.
Finally we reached our destination. We arrived there at around 5p.m. We had our dinner here. Kedai Makanan Tepi Sungai or  Restaurant Tepi Sungai is one of the most popular seafood restaurant in Kuala Sepetang. Their business hour is from 11am - 9.30pm.
Kuala Sepetang is a small fishing village which located not far away from Taiping town. It is around twenty kilometers from Taiping town. Twenty-five minutes traveling time.
The restaurant is situated on the upper level and on the ground level is where the fishing trawlers bring in the fresh fishes and prawns.  
Do you see that? A docking area for the fishing boats. It looks like a wet market.
Restaurant is upstairs. You need to walk up the stairs to get to the sitting place.
This seafood restaurant is called Kedai Makan Tepi Sungai. Kuala Sepetang famous with its excellent seafood as well.
An ideal place for seafood.Since the restaurant is located on the upper level, we could view of the surrounding mangrove forest and fishing village when having our meal.
Docking facilities to land the fishermen catch of the day. Some of the catch are send up to the restaurant.  
Lots of seafood are on display in various tanks and baskets. You can take your pick.
 The choices of preparation are mainly either steamed or fried with a few choices of gravy. 
Belacan Kangkung taste superb well.
Another recommended dish is Kam Heong Crab. Crabs are nicely coated with the aromatic of Kam Heong gravy.
Another recommended dish is 炸鱼仔 (fried small fish). You can eat the fins as well as the whole fish head, which turns as crispy as a potato chip.
Butter Prawns which are very fresh.
Our favourite-Fried small shrimp.
Some sort of spiked clam that requires a toothpick to dig out the flesh. The flesh tastes good dipped into chilli sauce. It takes a bit of practise. But, they are not really our favourites.
The owner recommended mantis prawns to be steamed rather than the usual fried kungpo style. These mantis prawns taste sweet because they are fresh. Or else it will taste horrible.
Kam Heong Lala or clams. Fresh and juicy.
Indian style curry.The fresh sotong make the curry more delightful. Mom absolutely loved this dish due to the freshness of the squids.
Besides the good food, everyone enjoyed the atmosphere at Tepi Sungai Restaurant. We let our fingers do the talking. Do you love our happy sign?
It was our second time visit. We truly enjoyed the scenery and of course the seafood. 
A scenic view in sunset. A shot took by dad.
Do take some time off and plan a visit to this beautiful town. It’s amazing to see Chinese villagers staying deep inside Malay villages.
Dad and mom would say that the food in this restaurant is quite satisfied. Among the various foods we had during our short stay, we consider this the best, and worth a recommendation.
Priscilla took a photo during sunset. Dear girls, sunset is the natural beauty which we should always be thankful for. God gives us a sunset everyday that reminds us of the awesome beauty in His creation and shows His unconditional love to us. 


  1. Happy New Year to you all. That looks like a beautiful place to have sea food. I love the picture of everyone's feet in a circle.

  2. Barb, a very happy & blessed new year 2012 to you and family. Kuala Sepetang is a good place to have seafood. The place is always full; but well worth the wait. The picture you liked was the ideas came from the girls. They are so energetic and creative. They explore my minds and I learn so much from them.

  3. ...hi...
    am planning to organise seafood BBQ in Taiping....halal one.....pls suggest one good restaurant there..