Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dinner at New Corner Lok Lok Chai Leng Park

We planned to have lok lok as our dinner tonight. We usually go to Padang Brown or Pulau Tikus Market to have lok lok. However this time; we changed our mind and decided to try out a new place in at Butterworth’s Chai Leng Park. 
We met with po po and e ma's family on 18.12.2011. We went food hunting after chit-chat with e-ma. We were told that there was lok lok in Chai Leng Park.  
New Corner Lok Lok is one of the famous lok lok stall around Chai Leng Park area. It is the first stall at the corner around the hawker stalls. It was our first visit.
Lok-lok is like steamboat but the food is skewered onto sticks. A pot is inserted into the hole on the table, a gas burner is under each pot to keep it boiling.   
A communal cooking pot where everyone dips their food in. After the cooking process, sauces are added to the food.
In the evening, this street will turn into a hawker food haven. Can you see that? A busy crowd at the hawker centre.
8 varieties of sauce. As the moment we had a seat, dad and mom were attracted by the different types of sauce. The boss is very proud of their own homemade sauce. They make it specically for you to dip the lok lok. Sauce is very important when it comes to lok lok. Lok lok also called as satay celup by some people. 
One of our favourite sauce- Dried shrimp sauce.
For those who love spicy, you can try out the sambal or satay sauce. Satay sauce is available in most of the lok lok stall. It goes well with our lok lok ingredients.
Food here is absolutely fresh and variety to choose.   
A variety types of meat and seafood at our own heart's desire. Choose your favorite stick of food and bring it to your own table. 
Each table has a insert of hotpot in the middle.
Mushrooms wrapped with vegetables.
The price for each stick is based on the colour codes on the stem. Colourless at RM0.50 each, black at RM1.00, red is RM 1.20 and the most expensive are the yellows and blues at RM1.50 each.   
RM80.00 for nine person including drink. Is that cheap? Yes to us.   
There are some food items for frying, for example skewers of pandan chicken pieces, sausages, pig’s ear and also yam rolls. You can choose your favourite ingredients and the stall owner will deep fried it on the spot.

If you prefer having your Lok Lok in an air conditioned shop,you have another choice.The boss owns two stalls – one by the road side and another in a shop lot - Sim Corner Lok Lok. The shop just further down the street.
Air condition and more comfortable environment. Surprisingly, there is no price difference between his road side stall and the shop lot. All are in the same price.
Sim Corner Lok Lok. A wide selection to choose from. This shop is managed by the wife, and the one at the beginning of the road is managed by the husband. Their business hour is from 5pm – 11pm. Have a try when you are in Chai Leng Park.

Anyway, lok lok should just remain as a street hawker food. It is meant to be like that. Do you

Girls, it was a very pleasant dinning experience indeed. The warmth from the pot heater and the fun of dipping skewered food brought a big smile to your face. In a way, eating Lok Lok is like masak-masak.It is a fun and art of communal dining. We had a great time here with e ma's family and po po. We thank God for allowing us to experience the many joys of life.

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