Friday, January 13, 2012

Dinner at Roti Bakar Kopitiam, Penang Times Square with po po; Dinner at Roti Bakar Kopitiam, Penang Times Square with grandparents

There are lots of such 'Kopitiams' in our shopping malls nowadays. OldTown and Roti Bakar have successfully build up its brand as a whole new kopitiam style.The environment and menu at Roti Bakar looks like Old Town Kopitiam.
There are three Roti Bakar Kopitiam outlets in Penang. They are located at Ivory Plaza, Penang Times Square and Taman Kheng Tian. Anyway, we like the Roti Bakar Kopitiam at Times Square.
If today you are tedious with Old Town Coffee, you can try something new here.
Interior design is maintained with the oriental taste. 
Apple green colour create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.
We went to Roti Bakar Kopitiam for dinner on with po po on 11.4.2010.
Nasi Rendang Chicken. It costs RM 9.90. It comes with pandan rice which is very fragrant.
Curry Chicken with Home-made Miku. A good choice for a light meal. It only costs RM7.50. Big serving of curry with lots of chicken and potato.

Honey Chicken Steak Rice. It costs RM 6.30. The chicken ham tasted a bit similar to canned ham but it tasted a bit sweet and salty. The difference is the chicken ham is more thicker. The flesh is extremely chewy.
The cafe does offer tea time set, which prices are extremely affordable and reasonable. Anytime tea time. It only costs RM5.20.
Roti Bakar Cheese. This is another must try. It costs RM3.90. Absolutely love the hot and melting cheese. Although it is a simple dish, it tastes good. They toast bread in a traditional way.
Red Bean Roti Bakar. It costs RM3.90. It tastes good. Really got red bean jam inside.
Hot Honey Lemon - RM3.20.
Ice Honey Lemom RM3.20.
Hot chocolate RM3.20. A great drink to refresh your day.


Granpa love the food in Roti Bakar Kopitiam. It is one of the grandpa's favourite spot. So, we went there for dinner on 7.11.2011.
Egg on Roti Bakar. It costs RM 2.00. 
French Toast with Kaya which`costs RM3.20. The roti bakar are well toasted and it wipe with the butter as well as kaya on top for more delighting flavors. 
The Fish Porridge costs RM5.90. It is a little bit overpriced as there is nothing much in it.
Curry Chicken Maggi Mee. It costs RM7.50. It is highly recommended. It is indeed very special way of preparing wanton mee.
Satay Fried Rice. It costs RM6.90. The fried rice served with four sticks of satay. It was tasteless. Anyway, mom managed to finish it along with the Satay sauce.
Nasi Lemak Hijau. It costs RM3.90.
Deep fried crabstick rolls. It served along with some tartar sauce and chili sauce. It costs RM4.20. It is very crispy and juicy. Crab meat stuffed inside are nicely-cooked.
Tomyan Frice Rice. It costs RM6.90.
Chocolate Thick Roti Bakar. It costs Rm3.90.
Iced Soya Grass Jelly. It costs RM3.90. A chilled mix of soya milk, grass jelly and crushed ice.
Iced Ribena. It costs RM3.50.
Orange Juice. It costs RM3.90.
Hot Soya Milk. It costs Rm2.80.
Hot white coffee which costs RM3.00. Grandpa loves white coffee.
Dad and mom look forward to explore more on this Kopitiam themed restaurant. We like these lovely traditional Malaysian style restaurant.

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