Sunday, July 11, 2010

Old friends gathering on 21-2-09

Old friends gathering on 21-2-09. We ready a camera for some good memories shooting. It was good to catch up with old friends.
Our lives are so busy that we seldom meet. We missed our old friends presence. We look forward to say hello to all our old friends tonight.
Both of you couldn't wait to meet Amanda. Amanda is mom's god-daughter. Both of you are happy to have her as your godsister. As Amanda's godparents, we did not play an important role in her lives. We felt deeply regret. We hope to rebuild a close relationship with her.
Amanda raised in a caring and nurturing environment with parents who love her unconditionally.
She is a teenage girl who likes music so much. She has grown up a lot.
We spent three hours to do some revision. First term examination will start in Mac. Both of you kept asking some details about Amanda.

After lunch, Kakak Siti was busy in the kitchen.
We prepared some dishes. One of the very discouraging things about cooking is the feeling that a recipe might not turn out what we need it to. Luckily our cook, Autie Rachael came around 7.40pm.
She helped mom to cook oyster sauce stirred fried Cai Xin with prawns.

Autie Rachael is a great cook.Fish in salted soya sauce is very simple and it goes well with boiled rice. She made an excellent fish sauce with garlic, ginger, light soya sauce, thick soya sauce, oyster sauce and sugar.

Memories in our heart brought us back together. Now time has past, but still we remain forever friends. Dad and mom are happy to have these old friends to share our life. It was a very pleasant gathering.
Amanda's parents, Uncle Tian Xiang and Autie Chun Lan brought us two large packet of snacks.

After dinner, we chatted, ate snacks and drank Chinese tea. We all are snack lovers.
We plan a steamboat gathering next time. We also suggest barbecue dinner. It always gives us great pleasure to share our home with our friends. Amanda, what shall we try next time? Hmmm? We think we are inspired to make a chilled lemon cheese cake for you.
Happy Gathering Day, Amanda and our old friends.

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