Thursday, July 8, 2010

A day to celebrate love

Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love, the most beautiful feeling in the world.
All lovers can enjoy and express their feelings to one whom they love.
Loved ones celebrate by presenting flowers, gifts , offering candies ,sending e cards and sending love messages.
We celebrated Valentine's Day on 14.2.2009. Today is a Saturday replacement school day for Chinese New Year. After picked up both of you from school at 1.10p.m, we headed towards our home and prepared to our destination.
We headed to Queensbay Mall at 3.30p.m. We saw many people crowded at Wall's counter.
We lined up in a long queue to buy Cornetto Ice Cream Wall's.
To our surprise, we received four free ice cream. Wall's Cornetto is a brand that is synonymous with love.
Through the Wall's Cornetto Show Your Love Valentine's event, they want to inspire Malaysians to show some love. Free Cornetto Ice Creams Wall's Cornetto will be giving out to visitors.
We felt truly hungry and found another new spot for "old feel" food. Finally we made the decision to have our Valentine's tea time at Old Town White Coffee.
“Please wait to be seated” greeted us at the door and not long after we were sat down at a marble-top table with the old school looking chairs.

Orders were taken by self-served. After filled up one of the forms, we passed them to the staff. We ordered Nasi Rendang Chicken, Two set of Nasi Lemak Special and Chicken Chop With Rice. We were a bit disppointed with the food. The food was not as good as we thought.
The coffees arrived nicely foamed kopitiam style. We ordered White Coffee and Twin White-Shake. We prefered hot white coffee than cold one. Besides that, we also had our Honey Lemon and Fresh Lemon Tea. Ice cold lemon is one of mom's favourite drink.

We love the environment here.
Couple can share a moment of unforgetable photography at Queenbay Mall.
We truly can make our special events become unforgettable occasions. A photographer who stood beside took free photograph for each couple.
There were love written wishes hang up on red branches. Very beautiful, meaningful and romantic. Some restaurants were decorated on the Valentine's theme. Guests were invited to spend a relaxing evening in the romantic atmosphere.
Every cake has a story. What a wonderful idea to buy a good design cake every Valentine's Day. We like the romantic cake decorating perfect for sweethearts day.
We bought a purple design Valentines cake on 2009.

The heart shaped cake, with pink icing and chocolate topping reminded us our Valentine's Day on 2006.
What a memorable and enjoyable day in our life. Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to have some family fun.Dad and mom were glad to explore the meaning of Valentine's Day with both of you.

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