Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dinner at Northam Beach Cafe

Northam Beach Cafe is a hawker center in Penang along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah.It is located right next to a beach.
One of the spot which was badly hit by the tsunami few years ago.
An open air concept so you could enjoy the wind coming from the sea. It is a pretty relaxing place to enjoy some local delicacies with the wind softly blowing and accompanied by the sound of the waves.
We went for a supper on 28.2.2009 at 9p.m. It was our second visit.
The mua chee here is quite special with a few flavours to choose from.
Colourful dough from original, sweetcorn, pandan, green tea and black sesame. Can be mix all five flavors in one serving on request. Sometimes the owners would make additional one or two flavours. That meant you could get up to maximum of seven flavours for your mua chee.

Special blackcurrant flavour. It was great.

Mua chee is one of our favorite snack. We like the mua chee at Island Glades in front of Genting Coffee Shop. What an unique fragance of the peanuts and sugar. Dad and mom started visiting all the stalls to place our orders.

We ordered Adobo Chicken set from Filipino stall which costs RM 8.50.The price here are slightly on the high side.
We shall order Kakiage from Ninja Japanese Cuisine. The owners of the German stall serve one of the best German Sausages around. You can either have pork or veal sausages (beef). The sausages come with mashed potato and a piece of corn. A good choice for Western Food.
It was a great experience haivng dinner by the beach side with family and enjoying the moon light.

We love this place for its ambience and the variety of food.
Go early and get a table by the sea and watch the entire sea front while you eat.Beautiful pineapple tarts were born in our kitchen this afternoon. Making these pineapple tarts takes some patience. It is going to take hours to make the pineapple filling.
Freshly baked pineapple tarts were our lunch on 28.2.2009. Small mould, less filling. The taste was just right.
Lydia and Priscilla, enjoyed your pineapple tarts. Happy Meal on Saturday night.


  1. The mua chee and tart indeed look tasty. Wanna try some..hehe.

  2. Both are our family's favorite. Welcome for a unique food hunt experience in Penang. Have a nice day ahead.