Monday, September 14, 2009

A visit to Mega Kiddies World

Dad and mom were busy this afternoon. We had to buy a lot of revision books for our students on 23.11.2008. The series of this revision books are good revision aid to benefit all our children. Mom used these series as a revision guide.The countdown to the 2008-2009 school year has begun. New semester, new goal and new start. Dad and mom discover new lesson plan ideas before school starts. In order to better prepare all students, we buy more than 400 revision books. Busy teaching days ahead of us.
When dad and mom were looking for revision and story book, both of you had fun at Mega Kiddies World. Scoot down the slide. Run, climb and crawl. This was both of you second time visit on Children Adventure Land. It situated at Gurney Plaza Level 7. RM15 per person per entry on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Everyone is required to wear socks when entering the park for hygienic purpose.

After one and half hour, we went to fetch you. Both of you enjoyed the freedom to individually explore the park. Due to enjoy yourselves too much at the park, both of you refused to go home. There is no time limit for children to play. You requested to spend the whole day at the Mega Kiddies World. My two highly energetic and playful girls.Before we went back, we had our lunch at a restoran at Gurney Drive. We were so ashamed that Gurney Drive was no longer what it used to be. Girls, when dad and mom were small, the sand on the beach was so clean and fine that we would come here to frolicky in the waves, build sand castles and dig the sand to search for the siput babi.

We were so disgusted that development in Tanjung Tokong has altered the currents around Penang's shores. Lydia and Priscilla, Penang is a lovely island. Let's not give up but continue to enjoy and protect the beauty of nature that God has wonderfully created.

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