Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A visit to Gua Tempurung

Gua Tempurung located in Gopeng, about 24km south of the capital city of Ipoh in Perak.
This limestone cave is one of the largest in Peninsular Malaysia.
It is made up of 5 large domes and is believed to have existed since 8,000 B.C., about 10,000 years ago.
There are lighting and platforms that have been built for the initial part of the cave to enable you to walk with ease.
If you are more adventures, you can choose to go deeper into the cave depending on which tour package you take.
We chose package Dry Tour 2: Top Of The World.
This tour package needs a minimum of 5 adults that takes you 50 minutes to reach to platform 5 known as Top Of The World. It is named so because this location is the tallest in the entire cave.
Total duration of this tour is 1 hour and 45 minutes. For a safe and fun trip, we couldnt do the wet package.
All tours are guided by trained guides. It is advisable not to go caving alone. 
If you are feeling tired, take a break at the Wind Tunnel where you will be able to experience breeze of cold wind that flows on this tunnel due to the difference in pressure in the cave.
44 of us had never went into a cave before, so we were excited to start our adventure at Gua Tempurung on 28.11.2008.We started our tour around 10am where at the begining of the tour you needed to climb up to many steps. Really tiring. Due to take good care of our superactive students, we didn't manage to capture certain interesting part in the caves.
Pretty huge inside. Some places are really like rat-hole size. Some was reportedly dug by communists.
But generally, the cave is safe and can be explored by both the young (from seven years old) and senior citizens.
However, it's most important to go prepared. Dress comfortably (consider T-shirts and long pants) and wear comfortable shoes or sandals with straps and a good grip. It is best to carry the bottles and other personal stuff in small backpack.
Lydia and Priscilla, avoid caving during extreme weather conditions, like heavy rain. Like any adventure activity, it can be dangerous if you are not careful.
Make sure you can hear the guide well and learn about the cave as much as possible.
Truly appreciating their magnificence and geological transformation over millions of years.

Another interesting event for our family in November was the memorable trip to Gua Tempurung.
Though it was tiring, but it really a worth and enjoyable trip.
Happy adventure, my children.

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