Sunday, September 20, 2009

A visit to Gunung Lang Recretional Park

Many local people still do not aware of this recreational place due to lack of publicity. A calm lake surrounded by limestone hills. At the far end of the lake is a recreational park and children's playground. In order to reach there, one must pay RM3 (adult) / RM1.50 (Senior Citizen) for a boat ride from the jetty.We visited Gunung Lang Recretional Park on 28.11.2008. It is an ideal location to relax the mind and the body. Our parents and children wanted to take a boat to across the lake to another park which were in between mountains and trees, but the boats were out of order. What a pity.
You can get a packet of fish food which costs RM1 to feed the fishes around the lake. The lake is teemed with large fish hungry for food but we didn't see any eagles flying around here. Some larger fish occasionally came in to try to feed on the fish food. That was fun.

Our children were busy on feeding fish and running around.Both of you took pictures with grandmom. We were glad that grandmom joined this learning trip.
Dad and mom plan for second visit. We will get the opportunity to go round the "Little Guilin of China" and explore its natural beauty when take a boat ride. With no doubt, Gunung Lang is a 'must visit' place at Ipoh. Ipoh is the capital of the Perak State in Malaysia with the enchanting scenic beauties, the limestone hills and recreational activities.
We really hope that the state government can include it into its list of tourism activities next year. Promote Gunung Lang as a tourist destination in Ipoh.
We started our journey at 7 a.m from Penang. Mom felt a little tired and took a nap during the journey. All my girls let the sleeping teacher continue to sleep until reached a destination.
Lydia and Priscilla, our goals were to add to the learning experience and to inspire students to become life-long learners. Learning is a process, not an event. Becoming a life-long learner requires that we do things daily to acquire knowledge and learn new skills.

Happy learning trip, girls.

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