Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Explore Malacca Day One

Many long-distance express buses operators a few daily trips between Penang and Malacca Sentral. We planned to explore Malacca city on 8.3.2014 by bus. After booking a hotel online, we started our journey in an express bus. It was our third visit. The charm of this historical city never fails our expectations.
When we reached Malacca Sentral, we took Panorama to the Clock Tower. It costs us RM1.50 per person. If you choose to take a taxi, it will cost you RM20. Express bus, domestic bus and taxi are pooled together in this terminal for the convenience of passengers travelling around Malacca.
A windmill. It is well-known in Malacca. Malacca has variety of interesting sights and landmarks.
Malacca is one of the historical city in Malaysia.It has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 7 July 2008. Dad and mom love the architecture and the history of this city.
Cheng Ho's replica ship. The iconic landmark at Jonker Street. Girls, Cheng Ho had a weighty influence on Chinese International Relations of the day. In the mid-15th Century, he was entrusted to bring the Emperor’s daughter, Princess Hang Li Po to marry the Sultan of Malacca.
We decided to have our breakfast at Low Yong Mow (榮茂茶室). A traditional Chinese coffee shop. It is a popular dim sum restaurant in Malacca. Don’t miss out Malacca dim sum during your trip. According to sources, the business at Low Yong Mow exceptionally good on Sundays.
This restaurant serves varieties of steamed dumplings.
Siew Pao or steamed pork bun is a must-try. The steamed bun is perfectly soft and juicy.
Lo Mai Gai 糯米鸡. This is one of the must-have items whenever we go for dim-sum. It is a savoury steamed glutinous rice dish which are commonly found in dim sum restaurants. The Lo Mai Gai here was soft and flavourful.
Century egg porridge. Dad and mom love the fish porridge with extra century egg, ginger and spring.
Along with the dim sum food, there was even a plate of Ampang Yong Tau Foo.
Steamed seaweed roll.
Stuffed bitter gourd. Dad and mom were a bit disappointed. The bitter melon was too old. Difficult to chew and bitter tasting.
Deep fried yam dumplings. One of our home cooked meal years ago.
It is good to accompany this tasty breakfast with a cup of Chinese tea. The service here is friendly and efficient. Dim sum also fresh due to their quick turnover.
After breakfast, we wandered slowly around Jonker Street. Visiting Malacca is an unique experience with a rich historical and cultural. We took photo at Taman Warisan Dunia Jonker Walk 鸡场街世遗公园.
Water Buffalo Statue at Taman Warisan Dunia, Jonker Walk.
Taman Warisan Dunia. It is a small park dedicated to a local who won the Mr. Universe Asia body building competition.
After much walking around and sweating, we decided to take a break in Jonker 88 for the famous cendol dessert. Jonker 88 is located at No. 88, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200, Melaka,Malaysia. It also serves dishes and desserts like ice kacang, curry laksa, nyoya laksa and yong tau fu.
We did not order too much food as we wanted to have our lunch later. We ordered one normal cendol and one durian cendol to try.The durian flavoured cendol is the main attraction at Jonker 88. Blended ice with cendol, red beans and durian "jam" on the top.
If you are not a fan of durians, you can opt for the normal Gula Melaka Cendol. Gula Melaka is the secret of all nice desserts in Malacca. Do you agree?
As we stepped inside, it was packed with both locals and tourists.
This cafe is called "Museum Cafe" as the owner exhibit various kind of antique as well as old photos inside the shop for the customers to see when enjoying their foods.
Gula Melaka or coconut palm sugar is not just the icon of Melaka but a very important ingredient to many amazing Malaysian food. RM5 per bottle and RM6.20 per packet.
After that, we spent a lot of time wandering around the streets and souvenir shopping for fun. Sometimes, small decorating project can freshen up our home. What a budget decorating with bottles. 
There are some craft shops with handmade souvenirs. Our family members love this souvenir very much. We picked up lots of handmade souvenirs here.
When our stomach started growling, we went to Hoe Kee’s Hainan Chicken for lunch. It is next to the San Shu Gong shop which sells traditional biscuits, candies and stuff.One of Malacca's  signature food is Chicken Rice Balls.
Chinese Style Restaurant Interior Design.
Girls, it was good to have lunch at spacious restaurant with good interior. We had a nice lunch here. Malacca trip became one of our memorable gastronomic trips. It was a typical walking trip. 
Finally we dropped by Nadeje for their famous crepe. Mille crepe is more fondly known as thousand layer cakes. 
What a great place to unwind and relax.
A good crepe cake sticks together and doesn't fall apart. But girls,sometimes life does not always work out the way we like it to be. When things are falling apart, everything cracking right up the middle, get a head-start on prayer at home. Falling doesn’t mean failing. We give thankful praise because we believe that in fact things are not falling apart. Nothing happens beyond the understanding of God.

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