Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pork Burger at 43 Cafe, Sungai Dua

43 Cafe is located a walking distance opposite of USM Sungai Dua entrance. Not too far away from the USM Sungai Dua gate. It has become known as 'the shop with no signboard.
We went for pork burger hunting on 8.7.2012 in the evening. Pork burger sounds fantastic. Dad and mom really wanted to try something new.
Business hour: 5:30pm to 10pm ( Daily).
Soup of the day (Mushroom soup). It costs RM3.00.
Garlic Breads which comes with mushroom soup. A bowl of Mushroom Soup with some Homemade Garlic Bread will definitely make our heart warm in the evening. Don't you?
Do you like this 43 Cafe's Special homemade Italian style black pepper mushroom soup? It is a great soup to start an Italian meal.
Egg Pecah. It costs RM2.00. It served with toasted bread. This dish would have an egg stir fried in spicy chili paste.
Nom Nom Nom Satay. Nom Nom Nom” is basically the sound when you eat those satays. It costs RM1 per stick. A must tried item. Minimum 6 skews per order.
Satays are grilled till perfection with some home made chili paste added. The satay has its own unique flavor and aroma. They tasted absolutely wonderful even without the dipping sauce.
It was good to have chance to savor those flavorful pork burgers. Selected minced choice meat with less fat, evenly combined with breadcrumbs, black pepper, mixed herbs and a light touch of seasoning.It is prepared fresh daily.
The patties are baked in special oven so that no extra oil is required.
Each patty would come with a slice of melted cheese. A dash of creamy mayonnaise and the juicy pork patty covered with melted cheese. Both of you love this homemade pork burger very much because it is juicy, tender, less oil and made with fresh ingredient daily. 
There are three different types to choose from. Pork Burger with Cheese (Original – RM5.00, BBQ Sauce – RM5.50, Black Pepper Sauce – RM5.50). We orders four different favor of pork burgers. 
Homemade seasonings. If you prefer something spicy, you may add chili flakes which provided.
Tomato plum juice. RM3.50 per cup. A very appetizing drink.Chinese dried plums are added to the tomatoes and blended well.
Hot Chocolate. RM 2.50 percup.
Special homemade Pandan Flavoured ice-cream. It is sugar-free. For those who would want to stay healthy, feel free to enjoy this ice-cream. RM6 for two small scoops. Brown sugar is available upon request.
Have you ever tried a pork burger? If you are in Sungai Dua, can have a try on it. Make sure you arrive early or call Jacgy for “burger reservation”. Don't be surprised if you have to wait for your orders.

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