Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A visit to Brinchang Night Market

When you are in Cameron Highlands, you should never miss a visit to the night market in Brinchang. It is an excellent place to go for food hunting. There are nearly 100 stalls in the market selling various item and farm products.  
Brinchang Night Market is a popular shopping attraction among visitors. It operates every Friday and Saturday in town, starting from 4pm until late night. If you like to have the true local experience, it is the right place to go.
This night market is opposite the Star Regency. It is within walking distance from here.
It is quite difficult to find a parking spot here. To get a car park need a little more patience.
The night market was overflowed with crowds, food and vendors. We hardly move through the small alley between two rows of stalls. The roads from Kea Farm to Brinchang town would be pack with tourists during the peak season. We went there in the evening on 9.6.2012.
It is the most ideal place for a food lover as they have more vendors that sell a variety of local street foods. Strawberries dip in melted chocolate which costs RM2.00 each. We bought two to try. A favorite for both kids and adults alike. These chocolate dipped marshmallow pops will make everyone feel like a kid.
Putu Bambu or Putu Buluh is a Malaysian street food. This stall really caught dad and mom's attention. This delicious treat is`consisting of mixture of rice flour, gula Malacca and fresh grated coconut. The ingredients are stuffed into bamboo tube.
Four pieces at only RM2.00. Really cheap. We bought eight pieces to try.Delicious when eaten warm.
The girl was filling the stuff into bamboo tube. 
Then the items are placed in a bamboo holder and steamed.
Each of them is pushed out from the bamboo tube and wrap with banana leaves.
Ayam Goreng Berempah. RM 5 each with rice and sambal. It is literally fried marinated chicken coated with spices. Crispy on the outside but tender and juicy inside. The chicken was well marinated. It is good to have them with some rice and their sambal belacan. We bought two set of rice.
To our surprise, there are many vendors selling a variety of fried food. Fried Yam, Fried Abalone Mushroom and Fried Cameron Asparagus. RM 3 per plate. We bought  two box of fried honey potato which costs RM 6.00.
Fried Sweet Potatoes Ball. RM 3 for 10 pieces. Sweet potato ball is one of mom's favorite street food.
There are 2 types of sweet potatoes, purple or yellow. It can be eaten fried or steamed. We like the both. RM3 for a box of steam potatoes.
Juicy barbecued chicken.We did not try this because we were a bit full at that time.
Preserved guava with apple flavor. RM 5 for two. Each bite had a sweet and sour sensation.
Organic Honey Comb.RM 2.50 per plate.
The honeycomb is cut straight along the string. Honeycomb contain a lot of healthful elements for all ages.
Steamed Sweetcorn. RM 3 each. We bought four to experience the juiciness and sweetness of Cameron Highlands sweetcorn.
Fruit keychains for sale. Priscilla bought some nice keychains to add to her collection.
Cactus RM10 for seven pots. Cactus is one of mom's favorite plants. Cacti grew well in the sunniest spot of our balcony. We grabbed the chance to buy some lovely cacti.
Strawberries. 3 boxes for RM20. Its big and juicy. Mixed of sweet and sourish.

We enjoyed the street food so much.We left feeling full and satisfied after a fun night .
Girls, it was a memorable trip for our family. Night Market is the way to go to experience the local food culture. Let us remember those old days and treasure every moment we have now. Mom really thank God for the joy He bring into my life through my family.

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