Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dinner at Bon Appetit Western Deli

It is not hard to locate the shop as it is just a unit of Pine Valley Business Centre along Jalan Paya Terubong, Penang.. 
 Bon Appetit Western Deli is at the last third unit along the row of shop houses.
We decided to have dinner with e ma's family and po po on 26.10.2011. We actually eat very little western food and have fully embraced the Chinese diet. Anyway, we preferred Western style food at this moment.
Their business hour: 11am - 3pm; 6pm - 10pm. Closed on every Monday. 
Bon Appetit, a French phrase which simply means "Ënjoy Your Meal", dishes out western food with a "dash" of French styled cooking. The objective of Bon Appetite is to bring good quality western food at affordable prices to the residents within the vicinity of Air Itam, Farlim and Paya Terubong. For those Western food lovers, it is really a good news, right?
This restaurant is run by the owner, Pierre Choo. He enjoys creating something new and hopes that all his patrons can enjoy the fabulous food as well.
The menu.
Mushroom Soup served with a slice of Garlic Bread. It costs RM3.00 per bowl. The soup is thick and very satisfying with pieces of mushroom. 
French fries with cheese and gravy. It costs RM5.00 per bowl.
Grilled Chicken Chop with black pepper. It costs RM8.00. It is a very appetizing meal.
Grilled Salmon Steak. It costs RM15. The salmon doesn't taste fishy. Grilled Salmon Fillet is not only great to grill, but is also very good for our health.
Fish Maryland. It costs RM9.00. It is served with bread, fries and salad.
Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce. It costs RM7.50. It comes with the standard serving of some French fries, and a set of butter spread white bread. The fish fillet is well grilled.
Pork Gordon Bleu. It costs RM 10.00. Stuffed pork with ham, sausage and cheese in it.The pork is tender and juicy. 
Fish and Chips. It costs RM8.00.
Chicken Cordon Bleu . It costs RM10.00.
Grilled Lamb Chop. It costs RM11.00. What an unbelievable price. Highly recomended by Chef Pierre, the owner of the business. Overall, the dishes served here, especially those grilled items are delicious. For those who enjoy lamb, this is a dish that you should not miss out.
Spaghetti (Chicken Bolognese). It costs RM6.00 per plate. 
For those looking for affordable and delicious lunch, try the set lunch here. Chicken Chop Rice which costs RM5.00.
Fish Fritter Rice. It costs RM5.00. Rice set only available for lunch only. All rice set served with an egg, salad and a choice of sauce such like mushroom, sweet & sour or black pepper.
Girls, overall, the price at Bon Appetit Western Deli is wise. The taste is pretty good too. We will surely visit this place again for some mouth watering western food.
If you look for a place to go for bargain and great tasting western food, feel free to visit here.

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