Thursday, March 15, 2012

Delightful lunch time at Yeap Noodles Cafe

We went for lunch after the service on 5.2.2012 with grandparents and gan po po. We were glad that gan po po joined us for the worship service.
We decided to have lunch at Yeap Noodles Cafe as it has a better selection for noodles. It  was our first visit.
The weather was hot and humid. Luckily the restaurant has air cooler to make us much more comfortable during our lunch.
Hand Paintings Chinese symbol art- 叶面.
Lots of varieties on menu. Finally we decided to order different types of noodles. 
The owner made their own noodles with special flavour like oat, mint leaf, seaweed, carrot,corn and other ingredients. They make their noodles fresh every day. They also sell their homemade noodles which offer a fresh taste and contain no preservatives.
Carrot-flavoured Yeap Noodles 萝卜葉面.
Oat-flavoured Yeap Noodles 麦片葉面.
Mint-flavoured Yeap Noodles 薄荷葉面.
Seaweed-flavoured Yeap Noodles 紫菜葉面. 
The shop owners. They are so friendly. They told us the process of making noodles.
La Mian is a type of hand-made Chinese noodles. Chinese pulled noodles is an art. The noodles are made from a dough that needs heavy kneading. 
This hand making process involves taking a lump of dough and produces strands of thin and long noodles by pulling it over and over again. This process is repeated several times until the desired thickness and quantity is achieved.
Different types of noodles which are stored in the refrigerator. They are fresh and healthy.
Yeap Noodles Cafe is a small coffee shop which situated at Transfer Road. It is opposite the Caltex petrol station.
Herbal Soup Yeap Noodles. It costs RM4.50.
Tom Yam Noodles with squids. It costs RM4.50.
Spicy Yeap Noodles. It cost RM4.50. Dad and mom like moderate spice, but we love the really spicy stuff too.
Dry Wan Tan Noodles with fried wan tan. It costs RM4.50.
Curry Chicken Noodles. It costs RM4.50.
Yeap Noodles Soup. It costs RM4.50.
Koay Teow and yellow mee soup. It only costs RM2.80.
Chinese Fried Wan Tan which costs RM3.00 per plate. The skin is very crispy and the meat is flavourful. We love it so much.
Chinese Dumpling Soup or Sui Gao. RM5..00 per big bowl. RM2.80 for small bowl. What a comfort food to us.
This cup of white coffee is just grandpa's taste. As for dad and mom, white coffee is an ideal match to tarts.
Dong Gua Longan Ice. A refreshing drink which was kindly made by the owner.
The bill was around RM70.00 including drinks. The price was fair and reasonable. Furthermore, the service was good. Please feel free to stop by this restaurant when you are in town area.  
Girls, we had a delightful lunch time together. After lunch, we visited our relatives and had a good time there. God blessed we all as we got this valuable time together.


  1. That looks very good. You always have such great, detailed pictures.

  2. My hubby is a good photographer.He really enjoy focusing on getting some good pictures when we go on an outing.

    Thank you so much for sharing the highlights of your trip. It sounds like you had lots of wonderful memories.