Saturday, April 6, 2013

A trip to Pulau Aman

For quite sometime, we were planning to visit Pulau Aman, the "Island of Peace" Finally we had a good chance to visit it. We had so much fun exploring this island.
We departed from Penang Island in the afternoon. The road leading to the pier is rather quiet. It took us about 45 minutes of drive from Penang towards the pier to Pulau Aman. It is a small remote island just in front of Bukit Tambun. You can park your car in the open space in front of the pier. Don't worry. There are ample parking space here.
The jetty for visitors to take the boat to Pulau Aman. Two way ticket costs RM6 for adult. RM4.00 for children between 7 to 12 years old. Those below 7 years old rides for free. It was our first visit to Pulau Aman on 27.12.2012. We had to wait over an hour for the ferry.
He is our boat driver. The whole journey took us about 10-15 minutes.
Our family members were the only non-Malay riders on board the ferry.
You can enjoy the natural scenery along the way.
Floating fish farms around the island.
Boat Schedule to Pulau Aman.
Pulau Aman is a peaceful Island which away from the hectic life in town.
From the Pulau Aman jetty, we walked to the Restaurant Terapung Pulau Aman. It was only walking distance. Their business hours from 11.00pm-9.00pm (daily)
Our stomachs began to growl and roar. We were looking for some comfort food to fill our belly.
Restaurant Terapung Pulau Aman is the famous restaurant in Pulau Aman. Most of the patrons were either workers on the island or visiting tourists.
This island is really well-known for their mantis shrimp (濑尿虾).
Fresh from the sea. You can choose your favourite seafood and ask the chef to cook for you at minimal charges. Sometime you can grab mantis prawn and crab at a cheap rate.
Those prawns are about 8 inches in length. 
The food variety is moderate low. Only few options can be chosen.
Mee Goreng Udang. It costs RM6.00.
Mee Udang Soup. Fresh and huge prawns served together with the mee udang. It costs RM6.00. You can taste the sweetness from the fresh prawns. Squeeze the lime to make it tastes a bit sour.
Nasi Goreng Udang. It costs RM6.00. The signature dish here is Mee Udang. As for dad and mom, mee udang goreng was the best of all. It was strongly recommended.
Our favourite drink, lime and sour plum.You can make it at home too. This drinks is fresh and very suitable for us to have it under the melting environment.
Sometimes it is good to be more adventurous to try out food from foreign land.
After taken our lunch, we went for a short stroll under the hot sun. The best way to explore the island is to go around on foot. You hardly see any car here.
Other than eat, you still can rent their bicycle or canoe to go around the island. For those who enjoy sea adventure, you can rent the canoe.
A map on the island.
Traditional Malay kampung house. 
Oldest breadfruit tree in Malaysia.
A very unique fruit in Pulau Aman. It is named Buah Sukun in Malay.
One of the historical site in Pulau Aman. Telaga Emas or the Well of Gold. It located next to the sea. This well had been dug in 1879. It never runs dry even during a drought. Some visitors draw water from the well to bathe in as they believed that it will bring them good luck.
The history of the Telaga Mas. 
There are numbers of chalet to rent range around MR70-RM200. But hardly any takers due to poor maintenance. The whole island was not developed well yet.
The chalet is located at the end of the villagers. 
Fishing, water sports and jungle trekking are some of the popular activities on the island.
A small village with capacity around 300 villagers.
The life on this island is very plain and simple. Do you love this quiet and rural island?
We headed back at around 6pm. The last boat depart from the island back to the jetty is 6pm. Don't miss it.
Goodbye Pulau Aman. Our next visit will be Pulau Pangkor. Girls, God's creations are all around us. Let us appreciated what we have been blessed.


  1. You forgot to mention, the restaurant owner is very very arrogant..

    the more chinese support them, the more arrogant they are towards chinese.. I personally saw him telling a chinese person with family (kids) that he doesn't wanna do his business since he asked for less spicy.. what kind of attitude is this.. pls boycott this. there's alot other places nicer and better!

  2. Service plays a very important role in the running of a restaurant. The service in this restaurant needs improvement.Bad attitude and service will ruin our appetite.

  3. Dear Jane,

    May I have a contact number for who should I call to reserve/booking the chalet?

    Warm Regards,

  4. I am sorry, Aina. I have no idea what the actual number of the chalet. You may search the contact number online.