Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Having Set Lunch at D’Dapor Express

We had our lunch at D’Dapor Express by using the E-voucher on 1.4.2012.

For those who are looking for valuable lunch or dinner, they have special set promotions which will suit your requirement.

4-Course for 4 people only RM33. Only RM8.25 per person.

Meal for four included drinks.

We chose four types of drinks like orange, watermelon, apple and honey dew.

D’Dapor Express is a Malay restaurant. It located within one of the shop lots in the newly restored 140 years old pre-war building  which named Logan Building.

It is located inside Logan's Heritage Building at Union Street or Beach Street in George Town,Penang.

A nice and cozy Malay restaurant with some heritage feels.

One of a classic halal restaurant which serves Malay Cuisine.

If you are spicy food lover, here is the place to go.

Classical old time bicycle.

Besides that, antiques like porcelain vases and bird cages are being displayed here.

The interior design of this restaurant is kind of Malay Classic.

Their business hours from 11am - 3pm , 6pm - 10pm everyday. For reservation, you may contact Encik Mohd Nasir. 

White rice topped with onion flakes is served together with these dishes. Although it is a simple dish, it is delicious. The chefs have more than 10years experience in Malay cuisine.

Ayam panggang Seri Tanjung. RM10.80 value.

Ikan Goreng Bawang Putih Berkicap. RM38 value.

Kacang Panjang Bersambal. RM8.80 value.

Ulam-ulaman. RM4.50 value. This plate of ulam-ulaman was served once we were seated.

A few additional selections of Thai and Chinese dishes. Kailan with mushroom. It costs RM8.80.

Ayam pandan. Typical chicken meat wrapped in pandan leaf. It costs RM12.80.

Udang Buluh Perindu. Deep fried prawn cook with sweet and sour sauce. It costs RM18.00. No doubt, it goes very well with the plain white rice.

A hot favorite of the locals. Fishhead is cooked with curry spices, chililies, onions and tamarind sauce in coconut milk and served with egg plant, ladies finger and tomato. It costs RM38.00.

We had a pleasant time together and satisfied with the food. The food and service were rather good. It is definitely worth a visit if you haven't yet been there.


  1. The restaurant looked very charming and the food and drinks look delicious!

  2. Yup,Barb. If you are looking for nice local Malay authentic food, there is no doubt that this would be one of the places to look for.

    Barb, sounds like you and your family had a great time and wonderful trips. I hope you all enjoy it to the fullest.

    May God bless you with His love.