Friday, September 16, 2011

Dinner at Kedai Kopi Kristal Seafood

Kedai Kopi Kristal Seafood is located right in the heart of Pulau Tikus, at the junction of Burmah Road and Burmah Lane. It is an ideal place for night supper as it opens until 1.45am.
They do provides delivery service to nearby area. In this modern busy lifestyle, we all tend to seek the convenience of packaged foods and quick meals. It is good if our favourite dishes will be delivered to our door step.

We went to a dinner with po po and san yi ma's family on 28.8.2011.

This restaurant provides various type of seafood dishes including young ginger duck, foo yong tan, honey chicken, steam fish, stir fry eggplant with tofu, and more types of oriental food.
San yi ma's family put on a smiling face for the camera.
This restaurant still maintained the old floor tiles.
Seaweed and egg soup with attractive colour. It is refreshing taste and delicious. One of the common soups in our family. It costs only RM9.00.

Butter Prawn is a relatively new Malaysian creation with the best combiningof Malay, Chinese, Indian and western ingredients. Other than prawn, the key ingredient of this dish is curry leaf. It costs RM30.00. A bit expensive as the portion is not large.
Sometimes, dad and mom use a packet of instant cereal prawn mix to make this tasty dish. We really enjoy the fragrance of cereal prawn.
Teppanyaki's tauhu which costs RM10.00. Deep-fried Japanese bean curd with mushroom and ground pork in steak sauce. A favourite dish for children and all ages.

Curry fish is one of our all time favorite appetizers. It costs RM26.00. This curry tastes equally delicious. Fresh fis fillets enhances the curry and takes away the fishy taste.Stir-frying is a fantastic way to retain the taste of vegetables. Pea shoots, also known as dou miao is our favorite Chinese vegetables. It costs RM9.00. It goes very well with a lot of minced garlic. Dad and mom always cook this local vegetables dish at home and pleased with the outcome.
Sweet and sour pork ribs which costs RM12.00. Very flavourful and it is wonderfully to go with steamed rice for dinner.

This restaurant is recommended by san yi ma. The food here is average quality and the service is speedy. We had a great time together.

May be we can try out this Nam Joo pork ribs on our next visit. Small portion costs RM10.00. Medium size is RM15.00. Big portion costs RM20.00.

Braised duck with ginger which small portion costs RM10.00. Medium size is RM15.00. Big portion costs RM20.00.

If you want to go for some hot steaming homecooked food after working late in the office or had just arrived from a long tiring trip from outstation, this is a right place. They serve their customers right until 1.45am.


  1. You have made me hungry looking at all of that wonderful food.

  2. Hi, Barb, our family members keen on Chinese food expecially the popular dishes at Chinese
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