Monday, October 26, 2009

A visit to the Fisheries Research Institute and Aquarium

The Fisheries Research Institute and Aquarium is located in Batu Maung, opposite the Batu Maung post office.A lot of people including the Penangites don't really know there is a small aquarium located in Batu Maung.
Even though the aquarium is small, if you live in Penang and like aquatic life, you could probably pay a visit to this place. It has quite a number of fish tanks and there are actually quite a lot of species of fish and you will notice some very weird sea creatures.
Four of our full-day students, Lydia and Priscilla joined the half day trip. It was our second visit. This was an exciting opportunity for students to visit and learn on 7.12.2008.
We could see and experience the underwater world as we walk around looking at each tank.
The aquarium is also a fun place for children as the aquarium is designed to educate children through interactive exhibitions.
The last tank, which measures approximately 15ft by 10ft and situated in a room which also doubles as an auditorium. We sat on a comfortable chair to look for the displays.
Two large ponds are home to a large school of sprightly koi or carps and patin (a type of catfish).
Six of you fed the greedy koi with fish food that can be purchased for RM1 from the souvenir shop.

After that, we went to Taman Metropolitan Relau for an exercise. It is located at the foothill. Just a stone throw from Taman Desa Relau.The garden is decorated with beautiful fountains.
Landscape garden with playground and exercise facilities.
Dad and mom tried to give our students aopportunity to move and play.
We hope it makes them smarter as a bonus.
While many kids play by sitting in front of a computer, what they really need is physical play. Exercise is beneficial to both body and mind.
We walked and enjoyed lots of physical activity.Overall, it was quite an informative trip for us.
Lydia and Priscilla, dad and mom hope that both of you can develop an interest in marine life. Take some exercise outdoors and get a great workout at the park.

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